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  1. Thanks for the answers, by the way, i live in sweden but we have an apple reseller in my town, but i havent had the time to check one out yet. Just thought it would be nice to hear what other people think. Yeah, ive looked at the dimensions, and they seem quite good. I want a smaller laptop because i think that my toshiba is just too big, it doesnt feel portable. Edit: I bought the macbook and i am extremely happy
  2. Hey guys, im considering of buying the macbook with a 2 ghz processor, 1gb ram and 60gb hdd. but i was wondering, how small is it? right now i have this huge bulky 5-year old toshiba, and i would like to keep my laptops small.. but could someone give me a size comparison of that 13" macbook or something? i want a small laptop, but not too small, if you know what i mean Also, do i really need one of those special airport-things in order to use wifi on my mac? i already have a wireless router. a d-link one.
  3. Cannot access bios

    How do i do that? should i just reach the motherboard of the laptop and look for it?
  4. Cannot access bios

    I should just remove the hdd and start the laptop? Ok, i can manage to do that, ill try it.
  5. Hey guys, i have a toshiba satellite 2450-101 and im running osx 10.4.7 and windows xp on it, but lately i havent been able to access my bios, i press f8 when my computer boots up but instead of going into the bios it boots osx.
  6. Anybody running OSX86 on a Toshiba?

    I dunno what kind of sound card it is, i just went into bios and then out and restarted, then it worked!
  7. Anybody running OSX86 on a Toshiba?

    I own a toshiba satellite laptop.. i use a wireless connection with a dlink router and a d-link dwl-g122 usb wireless adapter. i got audio working by just going into the bios and then save and exit without making any changes. Hope this helps.
  8. 10.4.1

    How do i install flash player on 10.4.1, ive tried the installer but nothing happens when i doubleclick it.
  9. I/O Error

    sorry for the bump, but does anyone have a solution? ive been trying lots of stuff today, unplugging everything but the necessary etc. disabling in bios.. again..
  10. I/O Error

    When i try to install mac os x 10.4.6 i get an I/O error on disk2s3 something, and it says something about cannot read and cannot write, what should i do? ive tried disconnecting all my harddrives but 1 and that didnt work, ive tried every harddrive too. Oh right, i have 3 harddrives, 1 ide, 1 sata and 1 external, which connects through usb.
  11. I have an external harddrive case with a harddrive in it but the osx installation doesnt detect it, it only detects the internal ones, what should i do? my motherboard is a intel d915g.
  12. I haev a dlink dwl-g122 and it says device not found, ive tried to unplug it then plug it in again and restarted my computer but it still says device not found, im using 10.4.6.
  13. Audio Tip

    i have no idea what my onboard soundcard is, no, i just went in to bios then saved and exit and the computer restarted then when i got into mac i could change the volume and play audio and stuff. I guess its worth a shot if nothing else works. you can add it to your tutorial if you like.
  14. Audio Tip

    Hey i got a little tip for you guys, try flashing your bios if your audio isnt working, just pop it up and save & exit and the computer will reboot. then youll have sound, it worked for me atleast, im on a toshiba satellite 2450-101, i used the jas iso, chipset is i845E. I hope this helps.
  15. System Profiler Equivalent on PC

    Search for CPU-Z on google.