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  1. You need to add "kext-dev-mode=1" to your boot arguments for El Capitan.
  2. LasVegas

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    So close... So close... I have discovered that the DummyUSB extensions just don't work on this system through Clover's Kext Injection. I moved it to /Library/Extensions and it loaded! As an experiment, I reversed the order of the ports for iMac14,1 and the Bluetooth loaded! I then removed ports HS10 through HS15 (High Speed?) to make space for SSP1 through SSP6 (Slow Speed Port?). Now every port works along with the internal BT port, except they are all USB2 now. Before I got BT back, all were USB3 only... Now, I guess I can dig into the OP to understand exactly how to configure DummyUSBXHCI. Thanks!
  3. LasVegas

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    I have tried various configurations of the EHCI and XHCI Dummy kexts and lack thereof. Nothing I did seemed to make a difference. The 4 USB3 ports worked out of the box in every configuration, with or without renaming EHC1 & EHC2 of the DSDT in the config file. The problem I suspect is due to the fact that the DSDT defines 24 USB ports while only using 4 USB3 externally and 2 internally for each mini pci-e slot. With ElCap's limitation of 15 ports, I suspect my internal ports fall in the upper 9 ports. I would try editing out the unused ports if I had any idea which was which and, of course a better idea of how to edit the DSDT properly/safely. Edit: The FakePCIID & FakePCI_XHCIMux had no effect...
  4. LasVegas

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    Yes, I've been trying every USB trick I could find. The Bluetooth shows fine in Yosemite (1st picture) but is missing in El Capitan (2nd picture). Everything else looks kosher. Anything I plug into the 4 USB3 ports works fine.
  5. LasVegas

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    It took a bit to find version 2.1 again, but I found it. Here are my ioreg files for Yosemite and El Capitan. Both use the same Clover loader. Thanks!
  6. LasVegas

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    Thank you Rehab! You're posts and code have been invaluable in getting this system to work almost seamlessly! I have been using BrcmPatchRAM.kext for awhile. I've now tried replacing it with the BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext without success. I couldn't attach the Clover debug.log and system.log so I've included links to them.
  7. LasVegas

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    I have a problem that I hope someone here can shed some light on... I have a BRIX Pro with a Haswell i5-4570R. I set it up as a iMac14,1 because it most closely matches the DSDT. It only has 4 USB-3 ports and all of them work fine in El Capitan. My problem is that I've got Apple's BCM94360CD Wifi/BT card in the PCI/e slot. This has always showed up fine as stock Apple up until now. The Bluetooth just doesn't appear in El Capitan. It appears as a hub on one of the two active USB3 ports in Yosemite. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. LasVegas

    Unable to boot Recovery HD

    Simple fix. Go to the Terminal and enter: Now, Open the Recovery HD and delete the "com.apple.boot.S" and "System" folders, leaving only the "com.apple.recovery.boot" folder. The deleted folders are normally used with a Fusion Drive setup for booting OS X, but are present in the "Boot OS X" partition on the other Fusion drive. They just get in the way of booting Recovery. LasVegas
  9. LasVegas

    DualBoot On External Drive?

    I've experimented with installing Windows (both XP & Vista) on an external drive without success. The Windows installer refuses to see the external drive as bootable. I did install XP on a partition and mirrored the data to an external to bypass the install problem. With that, Bootcamp saw both the partition and external drive and would allow me to select either, but in all cases, it would only boot the internal. I don't know if the external would boot it I removed the internal partition. LasVegas
  10. LasVegas

    Defragging an Intel Mac

    Even so, in order to reduce the size of a partition which Boot Camp does, the partitions files have to be prior to the point that the partition is going to be reduced to. The only way to do that is defragging.
  11. LasVegas

    Already bored of Vista and now I want my EFI Partition back

    No worry. That simply indicates you have a different drive than I have. As long as Partition 1's length is one less that partition 2's Start block it will work fine.
  12. LasVegas

    Drivers CD doesn't work

    If you Control-Click the Boot Camp Assistant and select "Show Package Contents," you will find the file "DiskImage.dmg" in Contents/Resources. This is the Driver CD image. You might try burning it to a CD using Toast or Disk Utility at a slower speed.
  13. LasVegas

    Changing the Boot Up Boot Camp Icons!

    Okay… I'm gonna try giving my NTFS drive an icon. Now… Is there a trick to give the drive a name too? Mine's called "Untitled" and I can't change it! Edit: Never mind! I discovered I could just name the drive in Properties within Vista and it works! I now have the NTFS partition named "Windows" with an icon on my Mac Desktop. Too bad Apple's bootloader doesn't look for the icon.
  14. LasVegas

    Vista + iPod

    The problem is that you would need to format your iPod into NTFS which would not be compatible with the Mac end anymore. You would have to effectively split the ipod into two partitions and restore your Mac or FAT32 format back into the first partition and then format the second partition as NTFS. That's the one that would get the Vista install. If I had a large enough iPod (you need at the very least 11GB for Vista) to experiment with and didn't mind trashing, I'd try it.
  15. LasVegas

    Removing Vista (returning to XP)

    As I pointed out. There is a bug on the Intel Install CD that does not allow dragging the disk icon to the restore destination field. It's necessary to us ASR instead.