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  1. Is there a laptop out there with an i7 processor that would work with Lion/Snow Leopard 100% besides Macs of course. I don't really care about Sleep function, but everything else. Wifi/VGA/Sound etc
  2. GMA X4500

    I fixed the mouse (sorta) by downloading mighty mouse and magnifying the mouse.
  3. GMA X4500

    I downloaded mouse magnifier and magnified, they work now temporary fix.
  4. It is a Broadcom BCM43xx (18 I think).....is it possible to make the BCM43xx PCI drivers to work on it? *this is a usb.... * Mac sees it as a network but not an airport.
  5. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Can this work on a USB wireless?
  6. Can this perhaps work with WUSB54GSC?
  7. yes, EasyBCD is the solution. Important to have MBR and your windows partition first on the boot tree, and good to have it set as active the usual diskpart->list disk->select disk n (where n is your disk)-> list partition-> select partition n (where n is your windows 7 partition) -> active. Done. use EasyBCD to add the Mac Boot. I advise using the diskpart from Windows 7 repair command prompt. *make sure you have the 100 or 200mb partition visible!
  8. So I tried two distros so far, iATKOS and ideneb, none seem to see my SATA HD-I know tons of people have this problem but even after install it isn't there because I took out another HD from and older PC (IDE HD) and installed ideneb on there -perfect install- except no SATA HD. I set my SATA HD on IDE because that was my only choice (and RAID). I have a ECS P4M900T-M v1.0 Motherboard with Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz, 320GB HD, 4GB DDR2 667MHz, MSI 9800GT and Sony IDE DVD+/-RW Drive. Additional info: I did select the Via chipset during install. Help please.