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  1. first of all I would Like to THank Robert_xes. With out this post I will NEVER thought I can get my P5SE PLUS working. I install using Ideneb 10.5.6 Iatkos did not work for me. I also download the bios diver for my Mother Board. ( again tks to Robert_xes ) for the links I had a hard time with the on board sound card. P5 SE PLUS users pls Download Voodoo HDA.Kext I'm also using A Redeon Hd 4870. for this card users pls download 1) natit.Kext 2) Radeon_hd_48x0 driver.pkg For Wireless I'm using Belkin, download Zydas1211-1215.zip Happy searching... OSX is very good to use. A lot better than Windows I must say. once again Thank you Robert_Xes. for this GREAT POST!
  2. Ya it's not for 10.5. Is there anyone that can tell Us what driver is for 10.5??? Thank you ALL!
  3. echo2zero

    via vinyl audio anyone got a soltuion?

    haha I just about to post a message something like your's. I too face the SAME PROBLEm. tried the SAME thing... All the besT!. hope some one will Help us
  4. echo2zero

    P5Q SE Plus no sound on iPC 10.5.6

    xzero012 I too have the same problem. I'm using a P5 SE PLUS and I too don't have sound. I also tried. ALC888 Audio and still NO SOUND. Tried, ALC1200 And still NO SOUND! i just went to try rlatemap Webbie he/She give but the file is no longer there. I'm using Ideneb 1.5 10.5.6 Very new at OSX. I too Need You smart people for help.. Thank you LOTS