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  1. I am trying to install 10.11.5 directly. (N5110 i5 2410M, Intel HD3000, Intel WIFI to be replaced) So far so good. For beginners: You will need to install clover going to customization (after selecting USB drive, of course), and select Install for UEFI (it will select the next set, leave it), and then make sure to select OsxAptioFixDrv-64 under Drivers64UEFI to prevent not booting. Also, at 2l step, copy all 10.10 kexts to "other" folder besides 10.11 You will need a USB mouse to setup. I was able to finish install, and clover install, but cannot boot without USB Edit: I had a hard time figuring out how to boot from HD, until realized Mohamed's Tutorial referral to Clover boot options icon. After that, was able to boot 10.11.5 straight from HD. Still no sound.
  2. Installing OSx86 on a eM350?

    How did you get sound?
  3. AT4NMIO-I+video=mision imposible?

    Podrías elaborar un poco mas como usaste el EFI Empire oara instalar? EN mi caso no he podido avanzar de la manzana al intentr en una Compaq CQ1 con el D410. De lo del video, intenta modificar el com.apple.Boot.plist para fijar una resolución, como funciona en muchos casos: Pones algo asi (La primera linea ya a encontraras): <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>"Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32"</string> Ahi me cuentas como te fue! Saludos.
  4. Atom D410 or Compaq CQ1 All in One Desktop

    Hi Guys. Some Updates: I have tried with Empire EFI 1063 and It displays the gray Apple logo but nothing further. I also tried iAtkos S3 V2, and same result. When trying verbose, it replies something about some "quarantine" Any Ideas? Somebody?
  5. Hi Everyone. I just got me a new Compaq CQ1 1020 All in one Machine. It is a very low cost machine that I am willing to turn in to an affordable imac like machine (For about 400 plus the SL Licence!) I was not able to boot neither from iatkos 7, iPortable, Netbook Maker USB Stick. I then extracted the HD, and installed SL using my reliable but mic-less Asus 900HA, with netbook maker stick I then replace the drive and chameleon shows up, but one second from there I get a kernel panic and a Legend that the proccessor is not supported. Any flag I tried din not worked out. I then tried to boot it with an iportable stick, with flag atom_kernel, and NADA Then I made some research, and learned that this Machine (And many others to come) uses the new Atom D410 Processor, other places refered as Atom 2. It seems to be a CPU with a GPU embeded. I had find no information regarding OSX86 and Atom D410, so here I am, oppening a discussion, and hoping that some bright minds may help me, and many more, to make these machines work! By the way, these machines are being sold either with W7 Starter, or a Linux. Regards!
  6. Do You have Audio In or Mic working?
  7. Mejor boot-132 en intel dg31pr?

    Yo pude hacelo con el Boot 132, pero no funciona el Sleep. Alguna idea??
  8. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    I had this and realize that connecting to DVI port (with DVI to VGA adapter) did the trick. But, i beleive my card is not performing well. Only about 110 score at open Gl Xbench