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  1. I'm using Chameleon 2 RC5 with my system and I need to install two kexts for a fully functional OS X. The AppleHDA.kext for sound and the Realtek1000.kext for networking. These install to System/Library/Extensions/ using kext helper. Is it possible to have these two kexts load from inside the /extras/extensions folder on my USB boot stick instead? If so, what do I need to do to make OS X actually load them from that location? My goal is to have all the "hacintosh" files separate from the apple files on the hard drive. I have the GA-X58-UD7, F6 bios Core i7 920 XFX 5870 1gb
  2. Well what I did in the end was I activated one corner to make the monitor sleep. That way I just pull the mouse down in that corner and the monitor sleeps then immediately wakes up again. The main point is I don't have to climb down under my desk after every start-up
  3. Hm okay, I just tried that by myself but I don't get native resolution in the chameleon menu. Are the VESA modes the ones listed if you select graphics info under boot options in chameleon? Update: is there a way to modify the bios somehow, maybe someone else has done this before? I mean there's no reason why a card that can handle 1920x1200 VESA shouldn't be able to do the same for my resolution?
  4. I've tried your boot file with the latest RC5 chameleon and it works great. My XFX 5870 card work straight away now under 10.6.4 with graphics update 1.0. One thing I wonder though, on boot when I use 2560x1600 resolution the screen is black until I disconnect and re-connect the DVI cable. Is there a way to solve this? I have the gigabyte GA-X58-UD7 revision one, bios F6 and the XFX 5870 card (which actually has a ASUS bios for voltage modding, but it works great anyway)
  5. 5870 up and running 64 bit natively

    Does the card still work in windows too, even though you're using netkas bios for it?
  6. 4890 and dell 30" monitor

    I have a working 4890 thanks to the netkas drivers, full 3D support in 10.5.7 and all that. When I boot for the first time my screen is completely black. To get a picture I reconnect the DVI plug, then I get the picture. It doesn't do this on waking from sleep only after a start or restart. Is there a way to fix this problem?