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  1. I have been really busy and just had time to play around with this. Its still not working . I tried with the IDE drive and still have the same problem. Just to be clear, the error occurs when the system is loading the newiso cd. (i have tired the origanal cd that worked previously and the new cd that i made with a fresh download. And this problem started the first time i hooked up the ide drive. Is there any way that some how when i hooked up the IDE drive something got stored in the BIOS that can be cleared out? (I know that is probably a really long shot seeing as i have re-flashed the bios a couple of times. I am really lost for ideas at this point. So any ideas anyone has are worth a try at this point. Right now I am running windows 7 rc on the computer and everything is working well. I am going to be playing around with installing osx again this weekend. This is a long shot but, about the 4gig problem, when running windows 7 with 4 gigs of ram in dual channel setup, the video card seem to use twice the ram allocated to it. In windows when i have the video card set to use 512 of ram it uses 1 gig, and when it is set to use 256 it uses 512. So what I am thinking is that the video card uses 512 out of each channel. When I had osx running, even when 512 was set in the bios, it only was using 256. So my idea is if someone had figured out how to allocate more ram to the video card, maybe we could get the recognized ram down to 3 gigs and have things work? I really doubt this will help, just a crazy idea i had when i couldnt fall asleep.
  2. Ok, I am still having the same problem. I now have SATA HDD and DVD drives hooked up. The HDD is the origanal drive that I had running OSX. I have the HDD plugged into SATA2_0 and the dvd in SATA2_1. There are no jumpers on the dvd drive and the hdd drive jumpers only seem to control the power settings. Doing some of searching on this site it seems alot of people have this problem with IDE drives. I don't have any IDE drives installed, but I noticed in the BIOS it is using an IDE controller. I changed the "Onboard IDE Controller" to disabled, and the "NV SATA Controller" is/was enabled. The "on chip SATA mode" is set to IDE. When i set it to AHCI no drives are recognized. Is this something I should worry about? I do not know if I am going down the right road here so any advice is appreciated. and thanks again dlach, for all of your help.
  3. Thank you very much for your help. Unfortunately after I couldnt use my keyboard, I decided to try and instal OSX on another hard drive (i removed the first one). It didn't work. Too make a long story short, when loading the retail dvd, it stops at the gray screen, with the dark grey apple. I get the spinning wheel followed by a circle with a line through it. When booting using "newiso" i get this message "system configfile ' /com.apple.s/library/preferences/systemconfiguration/com.apple.boot.plist' not found" Any Ideas? I have tried searching and some of the solutions others have posted, and none seem to work. I have tried IDE and SATA hard drives and dvd drives, i have re-downloaded and re-burned newiso. I have flashed the bios back to the origanal bios, and then to the Koalala bios. No luck yet. Thanks for all the help
  4. Hello all, I just finished this install and everything went well. Except for one thing, after I installed dsmos.kext, SMBIOSenabler.kext and AppleHDA.kext my ps2 keyboard stopped working. It worked in OSX before the kexts where installed and it works in the BIOS. Any one have a suggestion?