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  1. could not restore - cannot allocate memory

    I have noted that usb drives with a MBR partition table have this issue changing the thumb drive to GUID has fixed the issue for me I hope it helps you
  2. Alienware M17X Problems

    Hope it works for you and pay attention the kexts you use since the r1 and r2 use slightly different hardware And the method I used isn't that widely used took me a month to get it worked out but seems alot more systems didn't need to DSDT patch and the iDeneb 1.4 installer is patched it was and I think still is the only one that is
  3. Alienware M17X Problems

    Jalshah depending on which m17x your using wether the r1 or the r2 you may have issues I have tried just about every method for installing and only had any luck with 1 method that I have documented here Alienware m17x R1 seeing as your having the same issue I have seen it seems to stop.... the truth is your seeing a kernel panic I figure you have the R1 (black body without the venting lighting effects) I would suggest following my method to install OSX and then upgrade to snow also when plugging in external media on the R1 plug in on the left side of the keypad in the usb port thats right beside the smartbay sometimes the other ports can cause a kernel panic if you have your lighting on
  4. Alienware m17x

    I have to ask which m17x you have? an r1 or r2 the r1 works best with ideneb 1.4 and to be warned the r1s have the intel 4965 wifi chipset which is still unsupported if its the R1 here is a link to the wiki update I posted Alienware m17x so far updates are still working with no errors and I have full driver functionality with the 8800m gtx cards
  5. This is the third system I have installed OSx on and the first to give me trouble that I couldn't solve with a quick search of google... seems like all the fixes for issues very similar don't work in my case I have installed Ideneb 1.4 after tyring kalyway 10.5.1, the latest iPC & iAtkos 5i(all start a reboot loop on DVD install) and now am stuck with a buffer header message I have tried the JAS acpi fix found here and the iDeneb 1.3 acpi fix as suggested both cause a panic, looking further into the issue I ran debug and found it was stalling on "configuration(3619208) Terminationg com_apple_decrypt" I have tried -x -f & -s flags and I get the same issue but I can boot from the dvd in RD= mode fine not even a 10 second wait to load fully in to the OS barring the fact it lacks most driver support. is there any other way to fix this issue? System Specs: * Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 2.6 GHz * Intel GM965 Chipset by Asus Custom F17 Mainboard for Alienware m17x * 2048 MB DDR2 PC5300 * Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX * 320GB Seagate Sata II HD * Realtek ALC885 * Realtek RTL8168C/8111C * Intel 4965 A/B/G/Draft-N Wireless card * Optiarc Sata Blueray w/DVD Burner on JmicronATA controller in IDE mode