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    God botherers, I want your opinions.

    Yes I agree with that, but I want to hear from those that do believe there is a god, do they think they have free will?
  2. gazasaurusu

    Jurryt Visser Portfolio

    Wow, looking really good, I suck so badly at computer art. Love the Enjoy Life one.
  3. If every waking thought you have is coloured and influenced by the knowledge of God, is it possible for you to have free will?
  4. gazasaurusu

    do you do drugs?

    I can't even be arsed carrying n talking to you, its pointless, every sentence you said sounds like it was constructed by an eight year old and you contradict yourself with every line. I'll stick to my drugs thanks so I don't end up like you.
  5. Haha, brilliant, its about time some sensible laws were being set.
  6. gazasaurusu


    I have a P5k, Kalyway installed fine, but wouldn't boot until I unplugged my USB bluetooth dongle, after removing that on first boot, it was fine. Try removing all non essential hardware and doing the most basic install. Does it boot with -x? What does it stop on when you boot with -v?
  7. gazasaurusu

    do you do drugs?

    Which specific chemicals are you referring to and how are they horrible? You do know there are thousands of drugs that all have different properties, I assume you also know that weed is a chemical drug and so is the food you eat for that matter. To say "drugs are bad for you" is moronic, of course some chemicals are very bad for you, some not so bad, some good. Notice the last two words of the part you quoted, how can you read that and not understand that oxygen is toxic, you do know the difference between oxygen and air don't you?
  8. gazasaurusu

    do you do drugs?

    Re read the article, elevated is referring to altitude (i.e. higher up) like up a mountain. Good luck on your first scuba if you think oxygens not toxic. Your inability to make sense of a well written article will never change the FACT that oxygen IS toxic. There is nothing else to address in the remainder of your post, its just a series of uninformed opinions.
  9. gazasaurusu

    Should women be forced to paint themselves?

    Its a free world because she's free to go get a different job, free world doesn't mean freedom to do whatever you want. The business owner is free to set the dress code he chooses, make up is covered by that dress code. The bottom line is she's not being forced to do anything.
  10. gazasaurusu

    Should women be forced to paint themselves?

    Well you couldn't be more wrong. Clothing such as a suit is decorative, its there to reinforce a preconceived role, that the wearer is supposed to adhere to, its the same, get your head out of your arse.
  11. gazasaurusu

    Should women be forced to paint themselves?

    Its no different, its wearing something you don't want to, you're a hypocrite.
  12. gazasaurusu

    Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo

    When will they learn. GOOGLE WILL EAT THEIR SOULS!
  13. You can usually get CS2 retail version on flea bay for about £100, so that about 9 million dollars I suppose.
  14. gazasaurusu

    Should women be forced to paint themselves?

    Tough bloody luck, men have to wear suits n ties, just as bad, truth is, no one gives a {censored}, if you want to be an arse and protest about the clothes you have to wear at work, then get a different job.
  15. gazasaurusu

    do you do drugs?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen_toxicity your entire post stinks of ignorance, perhaps you shouldn't give your opinions on subjects you are so ill informed on.