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  1. ATI HD 5770

    Not much more i can tell you to be honest, have you actually read the link i gave you? The creator of that topic seems to have it working in 64bit so maybe you should ask in that thread.
  2. ATI HD 5770

    I Think you should read this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=227592 Hope this helps you understand.
  3. ATI HD 5770

    Using the Boot8 method and 5770 rom file i now have a fully working 64bit system. Thanks to all those who made it possible.
  4. The Unarchiver vs. Keka?

    I use The Unacrchiver and it does what i need it to do. I think it works with more file formats than Keka does, other than that i reckon it is down to just preference.
  5. Can you get 64bit on amd?

    I am also wondering this as i have only been able to bot 32-bit as well.
  6. Which distro should I use?

    Use the iAtkos S3 distro, it works for me with the hardware in my sig.
  7. How I got my ALC888 working in 10.9 Without DSDT

    Would this work on a AMD Gigabyte motherboard (GA-MA770-UD3). It also has the ALC888 audio. I have tried a lot of kexts but none of them work.
  8. Firefox Mac users please read!

    Dude your a legend, im going to test this now and see if it works EDIT: Doesn't work for me, i followed the instructions, applied the patch and then logged out and logged back in but i still have the problem in FF.
  9. Hey guys, i would like to contribute as well. Here are my benchmark results.
  10. ATI HD 5770

    Yay! I have got my system up and running with the Asus 5770 and updated to 10.6.4. Only problem i have now is that apps are hanging or its taking a long time for me to access anything in SL, in short it feels really sluggish. Is anyone here experiencing the same problem?
  11. ATI HD 5770

    Well he couldnt have upgraded to SL if he is runnning an 5770, like me i have wanted to upgrade but couldnt. Now there is an experimental driver so im going to see if ii can get it to work. Is there a particular distro i should use....i have more or less the same system as eluminx
  12. Decided to give up on this distro and im now using iPC 10.5.6 updated to 10.5.7 with the iDeneb combo update. Works flawlessly....everything works including the sound. Boots up in 20secs. Seems to me that this distro is still broken.
  13. Thanks, but will this make all my speakers work and not just stereo (2.0) sound? Oh and another thing, has anyone else noticed a really slow boot up and shutdown time. It takes about 1-2min to boot up fully and with other distros it has never been this slow. My Specs: Phenom II X3 720be Gigabyte GA-M770-UD3 4GB Geil 800Mhz DDR2 8800GT 1GB 1TB Samsung F1 (WIN7=320gb, MAC=100gb, Shared=620gb) Onboard Ehternet Onboard sound Installing iDeneb 1.51 i used: Bootloader: Chameleon v1.0.12 Fix: Mouse Lag Fix, VoodooPower Kernel: 9.6.0 AnV ( Intel/AMD SSE2/SSE3 ) Audio: ALC 888 Taruga patched (6port) ----------------------------PROBLEM! Video: NVDarwin 1024 Ehternet: Realtek R1000 Chipset: ATIATA ( 64 Bit Support ) BIOS: AppleSMBIOS 800 My two main problems are the lack of 5.1 sound and the slow startup and ahutdown time. I would welcome any help available.
  14. Decided to try and install again and now for some strange reason it works! I will post up my configuration shortly but i still have one problem...Audio. My sound card uses the ALC888 chipset and has 6 ports on the back (7.1 is the max speaker config) I have a 5.1 speaker set so i chose to install one of taruga's modded drivers from the disc. I have tried all of them and still cannot get the sound to come through all of my speakers. Any one have any insight or knowledge of getting all speakers to work it would be much appreciated.
  15. But i thought this issue had been fixed by the new 1.5.1 ppf patch? It was the main issue people were having with the new iDeneb...so basically it hasnt been fixed then?