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  1. Razer Blade Anyone?

    Anyone tried OS X on a Razer Blade yet? If so, any issues?
  2. Ok, this is weird... I've got a Gateway FX p-7511 dual bootibg windows 7 and Snow Leopard installed via Iatkos s3 with the ASERE bootloader. If I close the lid and leave ir closed more than a minute or two (long enough to hibernate, possibly), the system does not come back when I open the lid. If I reboot it completely freezes on the boot screen. If I do a time machine restore and then restart that point I get a boot0:error. If I then reinstall the bootloader, everything returns to normal. Also no issues booting to Win 7. Win and OSX are on separate hard drives. I have since upgraded to 10.6.4 via the apple update site...everything is ok except for this issue.... I am a little stumped. I have confirmed this by repeating this scenario 3 times. Suggestions as to cause/a fix?
  3. Asus T101MT working Hackintosh Instructions

    Thanks for your detailed instructions. My T101MT is on the way. I've got a Hackbook Pro (Gateway FX) that I worked through similar issues with. If I solve any of the issues you have found, I will post my workarounds.
  4. Help Installing OSx86 on a Gateway P-7805u

    FYI I was able to do an automatic update to 10.5.8 without any trouble, and no driver issues.
  5. Help Installing OSx86 on a Gateway P-7805u

    I've got my Gateway p-7805u running on 10.5.6. I have video and audio support. I got network suport by buying an airport extreme card off of ebay. I am dual booting to 64-bit vista, and it recognized the card. I get N out of OSX and Vista. Here are the exact steps I followed.... Bought a retail copy of OSX (not used for install, but I try to be an honest hacker...) Bought aiprort extreme card off of ebay. Bough a 320GB WD Black Scorpion drive Added a WD Black Scorpion disk HD to second drive bay. Disabled legacy USB in BIOS. Left the wireless switch to ON. Used the xxx 10.5.6 final v.2 installer Selected no options (no -v or -x) when booting from the cd Used Disk Utility in installed to format second drive as GUID Journaled (NOT case-sensitive) Checked the following items to "customize" install: Essential X11 Under Optional System kexts: HardcodedSMBIOS / AppleSMBIOS DDR2 1333 Under Graphics Drivers NVDarwin 1024 Audio Contextant HDA (did not work, had to change audio later) Network SKGE_02d (did not detect onboard lan later) Power 1st battery manager option (there are 2) clamshell display rebooted Came up 1920x1200 but not quartz enabled installed os86tools and enabled quartz rebooted - hurray, full opengl acceleration! installed camtwist (see this thread) - hurray, webcam works! installed AppleA rebooted - no audioinstalled AzaliaAudio.pkg (by double clicking) installed AppleAzaliaAudio.kext (using os86x tools) (see this thread for both) rebooted - still no audio installed drivers from Conextant_Cx20561.zip (on this thread) using Kext Helper b7 rebooted - Hurray! Audio! shutdown installed airport extreme rebooted in Vista 64-bit, had N network rebooted in OSX, had N network! Note: I kept extraneous/non-working kext installs in this list in order to EXACTLY reproduce what I did that resulted in a working OSX install. Now I will try to tackle the media readers...no idea if they work at this point...and maybe try a live update to 10.5.7...once I time machine this working install...