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  1. Dell D420 Bible

    I see it was a while .. but here is my take/questions I started with the retail 10.6.4 and the OSXLatitude method wouldn't go Then I tried the iAtkos S3 v2 adding the Extra y MyHack on top of it it would go thru the installation and the first time it booted it would always go to the external monitor. I decided that I can still use it with that weird setup, so I continued the setup updated to ComboUpdate10.6.8 here it would boot to the external monitor but the mouse would stay locked on the top left corner quite a few trial/error , tried deleting/updating the Mouse/Keyboard kexts to no avail I read somewhere to disable the USB external keyboard/mouse, did it but no difference although this step seemed to get the proper Mouse kext to load properly so now back at rebooting and it would kernel panic on the VoodooHDA deleted it and now alelluya it worked and booted to the Laptop screen I needed to install Xcode so I added the InstallUPdate.pkg and the Xcode itself back to the same it wouldn't boot, removed the Voodoo again and it booted to the Laptop screen, so it looked like it is all well wifi worked everything really good. Then I rebooted and back to the boot to external monitor only and the Airport does not turn ON I've been trying so many things with no success ...so any hints here??? it always goes to the laptop external monitor and the Airport does not work Cheers Edit: OK figured it out the bootloader from the OSXlatitude does not like my setup, I use the oldie and goodie Chameleon v2.1svn r1547 bootloader and I'm in bussiness
  2. gx280 10.5.6 to 10.5.7 I followed this guide and i was almost to the point only issue I had was in 10.5.6 I needed to get the seatbelt.kext from 10.5.5. or opening a DMG would lock it. Had a GX 280 with 2 SATA drives 2nd one was a 750G with my Android/Eclipse on it so I had the space, probably I didn't need to but made the bigger HD the main drive and made sure xp will come up some ntdlr MS stuff popped. then used GParted to make the hfs partition and from there followed the guide. Gave good shot to iAtkos 1st but that one didn't work for me. kalyway worked out started with the 10.5.2 install. Once in 10.5.6 everything was working good and next was install the iphone sdk 3.1.3 and Xcode that one one required 10.5.7 so read a bit and made a Superduper backup and stuff. actually it wasn't that bad downloaded the 10.5.7 update(not combo) from apple, just for kicks used the script while sleep thingie, finished didn't boot and from the backup put back the seatbelt.kext, IOUSBFamily and IOUSBMassStorageClass kexts from 10.5.6 and booted(standard -v -f) and it worked at the 1st shot sdk installs fine so back to my mac/iphone coding now cheers Ok for completeness the mac app i'm writing deals with bluetooth and my USB bluetooth dongle would not be recognized same for my thumb drive so looking around there were 2 solutions that worked 1.checked if the IOUSB massstorageClass got loaded by running kextstat mine didn't so loaded it by hand with kextload -b /S/L/E/IOUSBMassStorageClass took care of both right away but when u restart this goes away 2. system.kext kernel version was not the same as the one returned buy uname -a so found the System.kext for 9.2.0 install it by hand and restarted with -f -v and then once more with -v and now all is cool.
  3. OK since a lot of people seemed to have gone thru this successfully I'm keeping at it I thought it wouldn't boot because I had 2 drives so I had a spare drive and went thru the process with a single SATA drive and same problem it installs but it does not boot. tried all of the bootloaders and there is where the problem seems to be. After taking a closer look at the Chameleon 2 install I see first it gets 4 warnings _s5D unknown reserved name Then at the end it gets UNEXPECTED ERROR(-35) on DSDT.aml boot and .Chameleon Obviously something is not going here. Anybody has some pointers??? I cannot be the only one with this issue. I'm looking at patchers and stuff but will take any hint. Cheers
  4. I have a similar issue iAtkos.v7 installed on gx280 with no hiccups didn't even needed the -v cpus=1 but when it goes for the first reboot it kinda stays there for a sec and brings back the BIOs and goes thru this cycle I do get to the Darwin bootloader and it shows the OSx and the Xp(which works if I need to boot here) Tried the Chameleon 2, the chain0, the BootCD generic.iso but they all come to the same it seems like when it tries to boot it doesn't find something and jumps back to the DELL BIOS. Any hints??????? I had a the Kalyway working fine even wrote a couple of Apps for iPhone and Mac but my MB fried and I'm not using that crappy MB(Intel Atom) so that is why I'm back. Cheers Thanks
  5. I found this if it helps somebody else but I'd like some more info http://juliuspaintings.co.uk/cgi-bin/paint...2-Show-Panel.pl Leaning toward just code
  6. Please bear with me I'm new I've seen all of the nice tutorials and yes it is all very cool get's you started well and quick ... managed simple iPhone and Mac Apps. I'm on Xcode 3.1 on a Mac Cocoa App so I tried to go to next stage an App that has more than one window and I'm having a hard time following the flow on how to launch my 2nd window created with its own m/h/nib from a menu . From either a toolbar button or a menu option I want to load it , but I'm failing to find a clear way of doing it, lots of trial/error and RTFM'ing but no cigar so far ... any pointers to some documentation for it?? Probably it's on my face and just I'm failing to see it. I thought maybe it has to be a document-based app for that but I don't see in the documentation how do to accomplish the menu hooking either ;-( The IB gets pretty confusing in this case probably due to the info I'm missing and I'm willing to go just code. Thanks in advance
  7. Hope this helps somebody else just got Lepoard to come up on a D945GCLF board I just got off Ebay I needed to write some iPhone App so a few weeks ago I tried the Leopard10.5 img method on some older ABit board it was a no go then got a bit busy ... Finally I ordered the board this week, it quickly arrived yesreday night and it was in working condition. I had a SATA Samsung 160G but only had some other crappy 1.6G IDE HD, I solved the space problem by connecting to my small home network, mapped a drive and ran it from there. a bit slower but it eventually loaded the image onto the SATA drive. Then I kept getting the nasty "No boot device .." msg tried so many things but nothing ... was thinking that perhaps the data was corrupted and was getting ready to do the bat image-thingie again but I decided to see if the data was OK , I downloaded MacDrive and ran it against the SATA and it checked out good, but still that bloody msg. So when I was just about to call it for the day I unplugged everything, power from outlet, MoBo from power supply, HD's then put it back an gave it a last shot and it came up ;-). Maybe some of you guys are missing these last simple steps. Not sure if it was running the Macdrive, the unplug everything or a combination but it is worth the shot if u r going thru what I just been thru. Cheers Becker