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  1. Anyone got any info? thanks!
  2. Hello guys! I'm going to build an unRAID rig soon. It's a NAS+VMs+Docker solution (see https://lime-technology.com). Their implementation of KVM includes modern versions of QEMU, libvirt, VFIO*, VirtIO, and VirtFS. They also support OVMF. In any case, I'm a Mac user, I do graphic design and I currently use an iMac i7 from late 2013. It's funny because what got me into the Mac world was actually building my first hackintosh back in 2008 What got my attention from unRAID is the ability to get into one PC your NAS/Dockers/etc but also a perfectly-capable VM with all this passthrough technology. However we all know that keep running a hackintosh could be risky when new updates and stuff goes out, so I think making a virtual machine of OS X is a much better option for reliability as you can just back it up and have that copy safe in case something goes wrong after an update. So, my question is... can you create an El Capitan VM that is as performing and stable almost as a normal Mac? (of course buying adequate hardware). What is your experience with OSX VM's? I know you can passthrough certain GPUs and they have bare-metal performance... but what about for example a PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD? Thank you!
  3. yeah.. I've the same problem, but I can boot in to my installation... but it takes about 10 minutes to enter >_<
  4. {censored} guys! I cant install the 10.5.6 udpate. Tried dabla and Professor method what I always this console errors get IoKitWaitQuiet InterfaceNamer Then, the screen is just black or blue. But looks strange, but in 10.5.5 I have installed EFIv9, dstd patch and boot just great, the problem it is when I installed the update. Btw do you edit the scripts and remove the "Dont steal Mac Os X"? like the other updates methods? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for you reply, your time, your effort and this great "package". I really apreciate it
  6. Updated to 10.5.5 using the netkas guide for 10.5.2-3. I have to repair permissions and boot with -f option
  7. I think I'll try to install the airport N enabler...
  8. please can you tell me how I can modify my device id? do you have some tutorial or something? thanks a lot!
  9. Hi.. about the graphics performance... it's a problem in hackintosh and in real macs. I hope apple can fix this
  10. AHCI ICH9 10.5.3?

    Here you have . Hope this helps! kext.zip
  11. AHCI ICH9 10.5.3?

    Please can you tell me what kext do you need in order to upload it?
  12. AHCI ICH9 10.5.3?

  13. AHCI ICH9 10.5.3?

    they are the original kexts of the combo update 10.5.3. I can boot with this files, and I have an ICH9R!
  14. AHCI ICH9 10.5.3?

    here you have Applekexts1053.zip
  15. Point Of View 8800GT 512. Anybody?

    try this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=91755