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  1. Use Kakewalk method. Create a Kakewalked disk or usb flash disk. Boot with it to start lion installer. When it asked for your new macintosh hard disk to install lion, choose ur previous snow 10.6.8 hard disk and let it go. Don't worry. Your files will be safe! After installation again boot with Kakewalk disk and this time choose your mac disk. After booting lion you need to install Kakewalk on your drive. Make sure you have 10.6.8 installed. Im not sure but i think you have too install a 600KB update with Software Update to make your application folder secure. I can't remember exact name, but it was something like assistance ... and bellow 600KB. Install this update and here you go! I have EP45-UD3R that is actually same as yours. So don't be worry about anything! Good luck!
  2. I had this problem and and now its solved. You must also add your display device in EFIStudio. In "select device" section select display and in next section select your graphic card (8600 GT - xxxMB for your). Click "add device" and then just reboot your hack pro. Now your time machine will work without loosing your graphic card. I added my graphic and network same time and then rebooted my hackintosh. I guess it wont work if you add graphic card and network card separately. Cheers