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  1. If you're just using the external drive for storage, why don't you format it as FAT32? If I'm not mistaken (and feel free to correct me if I am!), all of your OSes should be able to work with it, and there shouldn't be any need for third party software.
  2. Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    Oh this is a must have It's almost like the multi-touch trackpad on the Macbook Pros now! Lord, I love this mouse...
  3. Magic Mouse Windows Drivers

    I've tested the 64-bit version of this on my Win7 Ultimate partition. The Magic Mouse works well, but there didn't seem to be any momentum to the scrolling. Edit: Horizontal and vertical scrolling work, but multi-touch gestures don't. And I'm confirming that there is no momentum scrolling. Often times, there is horrible lag, and there seem to be connectivity issues. (Most likely the Win7 bluetooth drivers, as everything is A-OK in Leopard and SL)
  4. Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    I've been using this IOGear GBU321 dongle (Broadcom 2045), and (aside from not being able to wake from sleep) it's been working well with my MM/wireless keyboard. There aren't any connectivity issues after waking from sleep either. No need for additional kexts or drivers. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16833139122
  5. P5Q & 10.6.1 Retail

    Thank you SOOO much for this helpful tidbit. Ran the update and sure enough, it kernel panicked right after restarting. This probably saved hours of hair-pulling. The only other thing that needed a fix was audio. All in all, this was a relatively painless update
  6. Win + Mac

    1. Games - You have to admit that the selection of games available to Mac users just plain old sucks. Sure the bigger titles are generally available, and you can find ports for others, but it's just easier and cheaper to use Winblows for gaming 2. CAD & Animation programs - most of the big titles are PC only. You won't find any AutoDesk apps i.e AutoCAD, MAYA, 3D Studio Max, or SolidWorks available for OS X. 3. Development - If you're a developer, you'll definitely want/need alternate platforms to test your work on. 4. To use Apps that simply have no Mac equivalent/version - I sell a hell of a lot of Macs at my university's computer shop, and quite a few students/faculty use very specialized software that is only available for Windows. They usually gobble up VMWare Fusion and Parallels, or hound us to help them set up Bootcamp. I'm not trying to be an apologist for TinyLimp (ha ha! Get it? TinyLimp? Microsoft?) products. I love my Macs, and you couldn't pay me to go back to a 100% Winblows environment. However, as amazing as OS X is, it simply can't do everything...
  7. 10.6.1 Update flawless

    Fully functional here! (Way less traumatic than my update from 10.5.7 to 10.5.8 on Leopard )
  8. Snow Leopard Temps vs. Leopard Temps

    Which app are you using to measure your CPU temps in 64-Bit SL?? Hardware Monitor doesn't seem to measure core temps when I boot into 64-bit mode... In any case, the 32-bit version of SL definitely runs about 10-12 C cooler on my particular set up (Note: I'm not OCing, at least, not until I replace this craptastic Intel heatsink!)
  9. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to test multiple displays and I don't have HDMI on my particular 9500 GT. Rotation works perfectly in any case. Good luck testing yours! Hey Marionez! Your NVCAP worked like a charm using the usual procedure (generating the EFI string with OSX86 Tools, and writing to com.apple.Boot.plist). It seems that, based on postings in this topic, that the NVCAP is identical for several 9500 GT makes/models.
  10. New Chameleon 2.0-RC3!

    Thanks a million Dr. Hurt! And, of course, much love to all of the geniuses who made RC3 happen! This installer package is working beautifully so far!
  11. Geekbench Scores

    LOL I have NO idea why these differ! Settings for both the CPU and RAM clockspeed were the same in BIOs when I ran Geekbench on each OS. I think I have to tweak my SMBIOS.plists and tune up a few things in both OSes. I've also been verrrrrrry sleep-deprived throughout the Snow installation process. (I finally got the Kitty to stop KPing a 2:00AM, two days ago )
  12. Geekbench Scores

    A modest increase Unfortunately, I KP every time I boot into 64-bit mode...so I can't do that comparison...
  13. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Currently running Snow Leopard on my P5Q3 signature rig with Chameleon 1.012 and a modified boot file, and installed using the retail DVD. I can boot into SL without any problems, but I keep getting random kernel panics. Here's the steps I took: 1. Created 2 partition on my SL HDD, from my Leopard install (one for my main Snow install, and the other to restore the DVD image to) 2. Went to Volumes/Mac OS X Installation/OSX Install.mpkg (or something like that) and installed SL to the main Snow partition 3. Ran the Chameleon RC 1.0.12 installer, and used TechnoJunkie's show all app to Show All files, removed the boot and replaced it with the one in Quaza's package 4. Ran the DSDT GUI patcher, and placed the dsdt.aml file in my Extras folder 5. Added the kexts found in Quaza's package, along with some other 64 bit kexts I found after a Google search (skipped the System/Library/Extensions kexts for the time being) 6. Edited the SMBIOs.plist and placed that into my extras folder 7. Modified the apple.com.boot.plist with EFI strings and the usual, placed that into my extras folder 8. Booted up, Running in 64-bit mode and it's mostly okay, but I get random kernel panics when I try to run certain applications (i.e. Quicktime, iTunes, Time Machine KPs EVERY time). I thought at first that it was the modded AppleHDA kext, or the VoodoHDA kext, but I've removed both of those and done a clean install. Problems still persist. Thoughts??
  14. Good day all! I hope that your Snow Leopard installs are going well and/or are fully functional I'm having some issues with Time Machine. I currently have a 1TB internal drive set up as my Time Machine. It works perfectly with 10.5.8 (installed on a separate HDD from Snow Leopard), but it kernel panics every time under 10.6. *Note: I created a separate partition for 10.6 backups, could that be the issue?* Has anyone else had similar problems???
  15. Any success on Asus P5Q3?

    Success! Installed from my existing 10.5.8 Leopard onto a spare 500GB Seagate, ran DSDT patching, installed the bootloader and added the appropriate kexts from this thread *SL on a ASUS P5Q* to my Extras folder and voila! Sleep and shutdown are working beautifully (10.5.8 killed this for some reason) I should add that SL randomly kernel panics when I try to do certain things (i.e. partitioning my disk in Disk Utility) and audio isn't working yet, but I'm getting by with a USB audio adapter for the time being.