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  1. Should be... although you really should find some old drive to do an install on and test it before doing any upgrades on your production system.
  2. Using the fixed DSDT included in the kext pack made the difference for me. Remember that you are running 1.1ghz slower at stock speeds. Memory timings are also going to make a difference as well.
  3. I've been stable at 3.87ghz for a long time now, I'm using a huge air cooler though.
  4. Why is my DVD drive accessed so often?

    My desktop install (Asus P6T) used to do that before I had all of the AHCI (or PATA) kext's sorted out. Seemed like the OS was polling my hardware and this only stopped when the correct kernel extensions were used or I set my hard drives to IDE/Compatible vs SATA.
  5. If you are getting 11500 that should be about right. I'm at 3.87 and I'm getting just over 11000. I could not believe it.. my Windows Vista performance score (running in VMware Fusion 3.0) went from 2.9 to 4.9. Thats crazy fast for a VM! To answer your question about using the kexts.. You should back ALL of your kexts up and then put these into /Extensions/Extra but be warned.. if for whatever reason it fails to boot, you will need to be able to boot from another osx drive (I have it installed on an old laptop drive too) so that you can get back into osx to fix the issue. You need to run Kext Utility after putting the attached kext's into the /E/E folder. Again.. if you are getting 11500 and everything is working.. I'd follow "If it aint broke dont fix it" motto.
  6. Bump for final kext pack and working dsdt. Thanks to leozino for helping getting the final pieces together.
  7. WOW! Section Description Score Geekbench Score Geekbench 2.1.4 for Mac OS X x86 (32-bit) Integer Processor integer performance 8880 10931 Floating Point Processor floating point performance 17108 Memory Memory performance 6226 Stream Memory bandwidth performance 5904 My NIC card works fine with the stock kernel modules. Do you have an add on?
  8. Ill give it a shot tomorrow. GB score is just over 6k. Please clarify, you are or are not using the ACHIportinjector.kext? Also, you are NOT using disabler.kext but ARE using the powermanagement.kext? The powermanagement kext IS 64-bit compatible? Thanks. I think that between the two of us we will have a set of 100% working kexts.
  9. Hey.. I tried using the ACHIPORTINJECTOR.kext this morning. Not only did it not work, it causes kernel panic's in both 32 and 64bit mode. I had to boot up my recovery osx drive and mount the osx disk via usb to reverse the changes. I'll keep my under 10k Geekbench scores until you post a working 32/64 bit 10.6.2 compatible kernel module. I'm 100% stable without the ACHI mess above and that includes two disks in an appleraid mirror and running vm's with Fusion 3.0 in 64-bit mode.
  10. Would you mind attaching the AHCIportinjector that you are using? I don't care about sleep.. I have never and will never put a desktop or server to sleep. I have all sleep states disabled in the bios.
  11. I played around with this for hours. I still don't have time to patch the dsdt for sound so I was trying different combinations for HDAenabler Applehda and legacyhda. Basically we have to use the default AppleHDA.kext meaning.. Don't put in /E/E which overrides the default one from 10.6.2. What we do need to do is use HDAenabler and the correct Legacyhda.kext. I'll attach a set of HDAenablers to this reply. Try the correct version number (hardware like ACL1200 "12" or ACL888" etc with the legacyhda you were using before. I had to try and try.. took several hours before I found the right combo. I think you deluxe guys may have different audio hardware too? HDAEnabler_for_Snow.zip
  12. bump for updated post with a new zip of kexts