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  1. Lenovo Thinkpad T420/T520/W520

    Ok, it looks like the included Nvidia drivers are what was borking things up. After deleting the related files from super user mode, the graphical loader fired right up. The wired network works flawlessly out of the box. So far, no network support. Will investigate more later. As to the question of will it work, that answer appears to be a definite YES. EDIT: Cannot update system to 10.6.8. The system goes into a double panic (I wish I made that up) over the network card apparently. Since the install didn't complete successfully, I had to start over. So you know, forcing the video card to Intel ONLY also works in safe mode, and doesn't require deleting the nvidia extensions after that to finish the install. So far still working in safe mode trying to make it at least mostly functional.
  2. Lenovo Thinkpad T420/T520/W520

    I am new here, so please bear with me. I have a Lenovo W520 with Intel i7 2620 and Quadro 1000. After locking down the video card to just the Nvidia card, and using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] Legacy, you can install the Snow Leopard retail DVD. I can get the system to boot into single user mode. So far, I have no network access, wireless, nor graphic interface. As it stands I am still trouble shooting the basic install. As the installer fully starts up, I see no reason that SL cannot work to some degree on the W520. I will post back with more information when I can. edit: Any hints/tips for trying to get this thing to load into the graphic interface?
  3. So I installed iDeneb on my HP Dv5 1003nr, and so far am mostly happy. I have my Alltel air card working, sound works, and it is QUICK! So, here goes, I know the laptop has an atheros 5007 wireless card... and iDeneb had a kext installed to support it. Didn't work. I have yet to find current topics concerning this card, and have no idea if it is even possible to get this to work. So my question to all, can this work? and can you tell me how - or shoot me a link with instructions? Also, Is there a way to get full ati drivers for the ati HD3200? I have the option of picking up a 3450 card for the laptop, will that work? Specs AMD Turion 64X2 2.0ghz (both cores detected) 3GB ram (DDR II 667) IDT Audio ATI HD3200 256MB shared Atheros 5007 Realtek Wired Optiarc Blu-ray drive Kyocera kpc680 aircard 160GB hitachi HDD iDeneb 10.5.6 (voodoo kernel) Thank you all in advance.