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  1. Sorry, I meant the controller. Glad you got some of it to work.. afraid I'm not much use beyond this. It's very strange behaviour. Make sure you reboot to make absolute sure the changes you made have been propogated. I think what it needs is a UVC camera, rather than just USB 2.0. Not all USB2 cams are UVC.
  2. Property List Editor. You might need XCode from Apple to get this, so I've attached it below. (I actually much prefer looking at it in TextMate with coloured syntax & code folding.) No need to do them all, just the one within the <dict> that defines your camera. Possible pitfall: If you did do them all & found out yours needed a different productID, it might not work. Maybe the VX3000 uses a different chipset? I think there was a link earlier on in this thread to a table showing which one uses which - make sure the chipset & the product ID are right for this camera. Couldn't see your screenshots Think you need to click the green upload button. That confused me a few times before Property_List_Editor.app.zip
  3. Apple do not support USB 1.1 webcams for use with their own apps, as far as I am aware. You used to be able to use an app to get round this called iUSBCam ( http://www.ecamm.com/mac/iusbcam/ ), but it's no longer being developed. I don't know if there is an alternative. From http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2432594
  4. I have got this to work in Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Skype works, audio works, all webcam apps work - except I haven't tried iChat yet. I used the latest Sonix driver that was recently updated. I applied the fix, creating a new product class and replacing the product ID code. I put it in the main Library: /Library/Quicktime, rather than the user library. Make sure to move/remove the MacCam driver! Here's the new driver (version 1.02.001): Sonix_SN9C102p_WebCam.component.zip
  5. I had given up all hope, but something inside told me to search again.. success!! The macam driver that Elm posted seems to work on Snow Leopard, even with Skype. Probably need to remove the Sonix one first (from both user Library/Quicktime and main Library/Quicktime) It's a bit of a shame because the Sonix one had more options. i have sent them an email to request their driver be updated, but who knows if they'll bother Thanks so much, Elm!
  6. If you feel the need to disable/enable quicktime components or just see what you have installed, here's something you can use to manage them: http://macdaddyworld.com/quicktime-component-manager/
  7. Working driver for Microsoft LifeCam VX-series under Snow Leopard. OK Here's an even better idea. This is for all Microsoft LifeCam VX-Whatever (VX-1000 is mine). EDIT: Unfortunately this driver seems to kill Skype... But the (inferior) Macam driver doesn't - use that if you need to use Skype. I will try to find a solution. EDIT 6 Nov 2010: I found a new driver from Sonix that fixes the Skype problem. Attachement has been updated. I have attached a driver with all the modifications necessary for Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000. Use this to get the benefit of auto-white balance and auto-gain which doesn't come with the macam component. Here's what I did, in case you want to do it yourself: Download the modified Sonix driver as detailed above. Make the changes to the driver as detailed above, if necessary. (tip: right click on the driver and choose 'Show Package Contents'). Very important, as detailed above, to set the tag which has a 1 to an 0. This only needs to be set within the <dict> ..... </dict> indent where your camera's product/vendor ID is. Installation: This is the key to making this work: Make sure you put this driver (VERY IMPORTANT FOR SNOW LEOPARD) in your User/Library/Quicktime folder - that is: /Users/yourusername/Library/QuickTime - NOT the main HD library ('all users') as Snow Leopard won't detect it there. Remove any other webcam driver that's meant to be specifically for your webcam from both the Main library and your User library's Quicktime folders: i.e. Macam, Sonix whatever.. leave just the newly modified Sonix driver in your User/Library/Quicklime folder. (This might not be necessary, but do this first and check if it works). Use WebCam Monitor from the Sonix installer (detailed in a post above) to set the correct settings. [Note: the installer might overwrite your modified driver!] The camera driver is just called 'Camera' in apps that ask you to select from a list. If you have several 'Camera's, it'll be the last one. If you want to use with iChat or PhotoBooth, you'll need an app called iUSBChat - search for it. It needs paying for. EDIT this no longer works with Snow Leopard - sorry. No need to restart your computer, it should just work after restarting your webcam apps (e.g. WebCam Monitor, Iris, Skype). AUDIO: If you need audio and aren't getting it, make sure all camera apps are quit, then open WebCam Monitor (which comes in the Sonix installer as detailed above somewhere). Make sure you're getting a picture in the preview box first. Go to Monitor > Sound Settings. You should see the green bar move with your voice. If not, check the 'Source' tab has 'USB Camera' highlighted. Turn on the 'Speaker' setting to check it - click your fingers next to the camera. It should normally be off while recording. I found it was necessary to set the gain to Max. So now, whenever there is an app using the camera, the sound should be available via the input channel called 'USB Camera'. Set it in System Prefs > Sound > Input. Turn up the mic volume (gain) to max. With skype you need to set this in the Audio Preferences too. Hope this helps. Sonix_SN9C102p_WebCam.component.zip
  8. I spoke too soon - I have a fix for Snow Leopard! (Edit: I now have a better fix - see here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1577626 ) Download the latest CVS build of Macam: http://sourceforge.net/projects/webcam-osx/files/ Place the macam component in both ~/Library/Quicktime and /Library/Quicktime (that is, your main library AND your user library.) Restart your computer. Open Skype or whatever, and behold the camera working!
  9. Sorry guys. Microsoft VX-1000 is broken under Snow Leopard, due to under-the-hood changes with how Quicktime Components work. You need to get a refund or wait for new drivers to be created - don't hold your breath. Edit: new drivers created & got it to work, see http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1577626
  10. Hi! 1. For anyone having trouble, be aware that some of the steps in this guide have been removed somehow - refer to the original Tiger guide if the steps seem to jump ahead. 2. I have found out what is wrong with the Leopard version of the USB Wireless Utility that comes bundled with the RALink drivers and fixed it - please download the copy I have attached for a working utility. I am using it to connect succesfully to my wireless network with a LinkSys WUSB54GS. Hope this helps Thanks USBWirelessUtility.app.zip