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  1. hi all. current setup is a DELL Inspiron 1520, 4GB Ram, 250 gb hdd. Its been a little workhorse for me! is my main computer for almost three years (!!!). it is a dual boot with Windows Vista 32-bit, and iAtkos v7 Leopard. the only way i could get this dual boot to work was to install Windows FIRST. well now that I have both running, I need to reinstall windows (or upgrade to Windows 7). but i am scared that I wont be able to boot back into osx when the new boot loader whipes out the old one. i have an additional question too. all questions below: - is it possible to do this reinstall without reinstalling osx? - what is the state of osx these days. iAtkos v7 is BARELY working for me (DELL Inspiron 1520). many thanks guys! marco.
  2. Upgrade iAtkos?

  3. Upgrade iAtkos?

    Hi All, Sorry. I searched the forums first but i couldnt find anything. i dont really know what im looking for ive got iAtkos v5i working fairly well on my dell inspiron 1520. for the new iphone sdk i need 10.5.7 but iAtkos v5 is at 10.5.5 i know there is a new iAtkos but i dont really have the bandwidth here. is it even possible to upgrade a hackintosh? thats what im asking. if its possible, what do i need to do? many thanks, marco.
  4. ok! ive paid and generated the certificate. extremely painless! i am very impressed. in two mins i got a tutorial app on my ipod touch and looking great! very motivating. i wonder, must i generate a new certificate for every app i want to test? or have i finished with certificates and can build many apps to my ipod?
  5. made any money? just curious
  6. hi all, I've made a wee app (hello worldish). which runs nicely in the simulator but for motivation id like to see it on my ipod touch! do i need to pay the fee and sign up for the iphone developer membership or whatever in order to build an app to an ipod touch or iphone? thanks, marco.
  7. Hi all, So I'm trying to do the first app tutorial for the iphone. All is going well but I am missing a .xib because i wasnt offered to make one! problem, in the new file wizard in xcode, i can choose which kind of file i want to create. below that is a description. but in the tutorial pictures theres an options section with "with xib for user interface" checkbox. i dont have this. cant figure out how to get it. my iphone sdk and xcode are very recent. just downloaded a week ago. any ideas? in the meantime is there a way to create this xib manually? i tried just making one but i found that theres more to it than that. any ideas? plz and thx. marco
  8. Forgot to install PS2 driver! i suk

    TechWiz thanks a million. This morning I found the PS2 package thanks to you and it ran it. worked marvellously, this iATKOS build is working great so far. Thanks again TechWiz
  9. Hi all, I just got iATKOS 5i working with my Dell Inspiron 1520. Works pretty good. When choosing drivers, I passed on PS2 because who has Ps2 devices these days. really. lol well now i know that my laptop keyboard and touchpad are ps2 devices and i am on a usb keyboard in the meantime. question: how can i install this ps2 kext? i tried to browse the cd but it just offers me to install iatkos. any ideas how i can get this ps2 kext without reinstalling. thanks, Marco.
  10. Hi all, Getting osx set up on this has been quite tricky. especially for someone new to mac. Anyway i finally got a dual boot going. Vista and Kalyway 10.5.2 Kalyway worked great right after install. Saw no problems. But to install the iphone sdk i need to update. so i fired up the Kalyway 10.5.2 combo update. and then the 10.5.3 update that was with it. Followed the instructions. Now, my broadcom 440x is not working. Nor is my sound. Problem, after the first boot after update it began to load a web page. could see my gmail actually, then it crapped out. Initially was getting crazy IPs even if I chose one manually. And now it just says "en0...not plugged in". But it is. If i leave everything and fire up vista the connection is fine. Switch to kalyway and same. I tried a few things. I tried zlazh's tut to no avail and some ideas in that post. I even tried someones dell installer package which looked promising but wasnt effective for me. And ever since the sound doesnt work. Local tracks load in itunes but never begin to play. What happened? I have a Dell inspiron 1520 with an intel core 2 duo proc, hdd is on athc mode or whatever, sound is sigmatel something. Broadcom 440x, nvidia 256mb graphics card. Many thanks, great community here! Marco.
  11. Hi All, I think this is a dumb question but I need some confirmation here. I am considering buying a used laptop from someone who says hes been running osx on it for ages. it has an intel processor. my question is, can any system running osx (stably) be used with xcode to develop for ipod touch or iphone. or are there disadvantages. thank you, marco. ALSO, my ipod touch is jailbroken. if i got an old powerpc mac (g3 or ibook or mini or something) can i test my devs on my ipod touch?
  12. Hi there, Want to attemp this install. May I have a copy of your boot cd? Thanks, Marco. mcsilvio@gmail.com