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  1. Hi LatinMcGyver75, I have an atheros 168c:1c and i looked all over the place to get this piece of hw working, i kind of get it recognized using older IO80211Familly but it seem outdated and it is missing lib symbols so there is no way to enable the airport device. could you please be kind enough to give us the ibm ids as well as an explanation on how to rebrand. I have been following the first thread and also codingrobot posts but i can't figure out the right HOWTO. I already killed the same card so i would be really pleased if you could spare some time in giving the info. All the Best, Rafik
  2. Hi All, I would like to have some advice. I tried to be kind of clever and went on changing my ar5007EG mini pci express card using ath_info. I have done the following: ath_info -g 1:0 -w 0xfebf0000 0048 280 ath_info -g 1:0 -w 0xfebf0000 0008 106b ath_info -g 1:0 -w 0xfebf0000 004e 106b ath_info -g 1:0 -w 0xfebf0000 0007 004e ath_info -g 1:0 -w 0xfebf0000 004f 004e lspci would not show any difference after the command but the card memory dump did recflect the change. However once i did reboot the card was not there any more. lspci does not show the card since. This card is installed on an MSI VR705 (MS-171F) the previous mmio address is now used by another device so i can't access the device by any mean. I tried using all the kernel args pci= in vain. Please let me know if there is any procedure to restore this card memory / eeprom. Regards, Rafik
  3. ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Hi Koalala, Great job ! Would there be any luck to see support for insyde bios in the patcher utility ? I have a nasty piece of work called Toshiba Satellite m40-331 which has an ugly bios and i would like to patch it. I managed to extract to bios using insydeco but i'm fairly new to this and it might take me ages before i get anywhere. All the best. Rafik