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  1. inspiron 6000

    I'm still playing with it, but I'm almost there. - Still waiting for new wireless card (Dell Truemobile 1350) - Touchpad Tap works now but side/bottom bars don't. ------------------ Image Used : iAtkos v5i *** I had to connect an external monitor to get to the installer (Sometimes it would get there on its own, but most of the time not). *** * Booted from CD. * Click the button to continue * Utilities -> Disk Utilities - Partitioned Formatted my drive with MBR, then exit Disk Utilities. * Click continue and Agree afterwards * Select Your drive and click continue * Click Customize. ---------- This is what I have checked so far, like I said I'm still playing with it, but this is what i used to get me into the OS and fiddle around more with it. ---------- iATKOS v5i Main System ->Bootloader --> PC EFI V9 ->X86 Patches --> Decrypters ---> AppleDecrypt --> SMBIOS driver ---> SMBIOS Enablers ----> SMBIOS - EFI Air ---> SMBIOS for X86 ----> AppleSMBIOS-27 6th rev. MacBook --> Kernel ---> 9.5.0 kernal voodoo --> ACPI ---> APIC driver --> Disabler.kext -> Drivers --> VGA ---> Graphics Update ---> Intel ----> GMA950 -----> GMA950 b --> System ---> SATA/IDE ----> Intel SATA ----> Intel AHCI SATA --> Speedstep ---> Intel Speedstep b ---> Laptop Battery ---> NTFS-3G --> Network ---> Broadcom 440x * Done * Install -------------- After I got into the OS. - I installed the Kext Helper. -- I drag and dropped the two kext included here to install my video (to get my full resolution). and at this point you will be where I am, tryng to figure at the little kinks nad reinstalling every so often. Hope this helps Edit : It wouldn't let me upload the kext so I stuck them in a zip Kext_Helper_b7.app Archive.zip
  2. inspiron 6000

    I tried to install that, but it disabled my keyboard and mouse. I'll have to look more into it. On a side note, I went ahead and reinstalled the OS again, and this time went with the Intel Sata drivers which fixed the CD issue. Is there a way to just install certain items to see if they work without having to reinstall the whole thing?
  3. inspiron 6000

    System : Dell Inspiron 6000 Video Card : Intel 915GM Wireless Card : 2915ABG Audio : Sigmatel 9751 Image Used : iAtkos v5i - Everything installed after I connected an external monitor otherwise it would stay at the light blue screen. - I updated the video drivers to get the video resolution perfect. Need help with - * The touch pad side scrollers * Wifi (but what I've read it seems to be hit or miss), the Fn+F2 won't light up the icon anymore and it's not detected. * Strangely enough, I don't seem to have my optical (CDRW/DVD) Drive inside the OS. I think it might be a missing driver for the ATA controller (The install package had Serial ATA so I didn't install those). Other than that, It seems to be working really well, I haven't tried standby/hibernation yet. Also, would the Dell TrueMobile 1350 have drivers innately in 10.5.5? Thanks!