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  1. I got the error whenboot from HDD after a complete install. My chipset is X58/ICH10, and I installed iDeneb 1.4 MAC OS X 10.5.6. How to get the correct driver for my chipset? thanks.
  2. Is that probably caused by IDE driver?
  3. I'm not sure if this is a issue about drivers or hard disks setting.
  4. In fact, I have installed it to handle blocking at using xxxx buffer headers ...... but now I have no idea to deal with "Still waiting for root device"
  5. Is there anyone could focus on my issue?
  6. Hi UPDATE! The old problem diappeared, instead of a new one: Still waiting for root device I have 2 HDs: a SATA and an IDE. MAC is installed on the IDE one which has been set to ACTIVE. I chose kernel 9.2.2, audio driver, and network driver while installing. I have no idea that what leads to this issue. Any one could please help me on that. thanks.