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  1. I have got 10.6.4 working fully, WIFI and all now! Except I have two issues: .After waking up from sleep, the fn volume keys show the volume meter but are unable to change the volume. .When using VGA out, the netbook screen immediately goes grey on plugging the vga cable. It stays like that even after removing the VGA cable and only works after a hard reset. I am using the attached kext for hotkeys. AsusHotkeys_5avril2010.kext.zip
  2. kdetech


    Can't someone get this card working! The card is recognized. Its just that no country code is assigned to it. I'm sure this can be fixed. Please someone , anyone get this card working.
  3. Any ideas? see http://www.infinitemac.com/f5/atheros-card-9285-t4431/
  4. I am not able to test this out at the moment but logically this workarroundshould work for the card under snowleopard. Could anyone test it and let me know?
  5. Installed snow. How to get my ps2 keyboard and mouse work. In leo i did it with voodoops2. In snow Voodoo ps2 compiled for snow only gets keyboard working. Help please
  6. I have a hard disk partitioned with Windows Ubuntu and Leo. I installed win 7 in a partition that had vista. Then re put OS X. Now when I boot the pc I just see a black screen no darwin. When vista was there the same method with kalyway worked. Now with win 7 I get this problem.
  7. With A WORKING Leopard you can edit the dmg when mounted i.e you can paste file. The iso can be edited in Windows using a program called winiso.
  8. See opensource.apple.com the source for snow which was previously not ther is now available so it should be possible to modify it for AMD and old Intels! Like voodo kernel etc but for snow. I wonder how long it will take to work on it!
  9. My system also autorestarts using Kalyway but then it worked when I selected option kernel ACPI fix in Kalyway installer customize options. My computer Motherboard ASUS P5KPL\1600 (Similar to P5KSE in chipset) deteails here Hard disk 250 GB Hitachi SATA Graphic card XFX NVIDIA GEFORCE 8500 1 GB LAN Realtek (works natively in OS X) Processor Intel Pentium D 915 2.8 Ghz L2 4mb cache.
  10. On an ASUS P5KPL\1600 the machine autorestarts. CPU is Pentium D 915 2.8 ghz Had same problem with kalyway 10.5.1 but then it worked when I selected kernel vanilla ACPI fix. Please help!!
  11. When I try to boot Snow the Pc autorestarts. I used chameleon rc3 boot cd with .com.boot.plist and extensions. Will the problem be solved if I add DSDT? I had the same autorestart problem in kalyway 10.5.1 but there I solved the problem by installing Kalyway with Vanilla ACPI fix kernel option? Then once I got leopard running I used VOODOO after upgrade. PLEASE ANSWER WHAT YOU THINK TO BE THE CAUSE
  12. Using cdboot method I got snow to boot on an acer laptop. I had an appropriate smbios.plist. On an ASUS P5KPL\1600 I have a no smbios.plist file and chameleon just shows me an apple logo and stalls when I try to boot snow retail. Please HELP!
  13. I need help. Either a guide or if someone can provide me the file Motherboard ASUS P5KPL\1600 Any asus p5kpl motherboard should use the same file
  14. kdetech

    BootThink 2.3 is here now!

    Download links + guide to boot snow DVD from USB with it please