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    [Risolto] aggiornamento 10.7 --> 10.7.2

    x la scheda audio come hai fatto ?? a me non fa il microfono.... help me (ed anche uscita vga e una usb )
  2. carlosanta

    Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x)

    hi AndersnTech, i've Acer 7738g and with your tools,,, i've not any KP !!! Thank's !!! but mic (internal and external) not work... help me please ...if it's possible :P
  3. carlosanta

    Req. info x installazione Aspire 7738g

    risolto con il driver Broadcom 5784M ed i tips di nobb1x v 0.3 This driver only work in promiscuous mode, at least with my router (3com) it seem setting promiscuous mode in Macos is a shame or a secret, or at least i was unable to set it,neither was able to find docs on google, to have the driver working you have 3 options 1) open a terminal window and type: sudo tcpdump -i enX where X is the number of your BCM ethernet interface, it could be en0 or en1 it depend on how many lan cards there are in your pc. You can minimize the terminal window but not close it or the driver will cease to work. 2) Another way to run tcpdump would be like that : sudo nohup tcpdump -i enX > /dev/null & terminal window can be closed in this case. 3) (thanks Pocopico) There is a folder called Start_Promisc within the archive, copy it in /Library/StartupItems then open the file start_promisc you can find into the folder with TextEdit, changing the two variables at the top INTF and KEXTPATH to match your setup. save it. from a terminal window type: sudo chmod -R 755 /Library/StartupItems/Start_Promisc sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/StartupItems/Start_Promisc
  4. carlosanta

    Req. info x installazione Aspire 7738g

    ciao PaxXx , di guida ho usato questa: http://insanelymac.org/forum/index.php?topic=8686.0 x ora con ideneb 1.5.8 lite, mi vede correttamente audio /video/mouse ma non mi vede ne scheda wifi (che ancora nn eistono i driver lo so purtroppo ) ma naeanche la scheda ethernet ..... un po scomoda la cosa ;P
  5. carlosanta

    Req. info x installazione Aspire 7738g

    ok grazie mille, ora provo ad installare ideneb 1.5.8 lite... speriamo bene
  6. Ciao a tutti, non so dove devo postare il topic x richiedere info x l installazione su Acer aspire 7738g che possiedo. sono riuscito ad installare snow , ma ho problemi con i driver (nn ho audio. mouse usb , webcam, wifi, ethernet ed un refresh indecente ) di snow ho installato SnowOSX_Universal_10.6(432)GM_v3.5 acer_aspire_7738G.txt
  7. carlosanta

    Asus F3KE

    grazie daveta, avevo copiato il post che ho fatto in un altro forum, senza tradurlo sorry
  8. carlosanta

    Asus F3KE

    Hi all. I've this notebook: Asus F3Ke with this components: CPU: Mobile DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-53, 800 MHz (4 x 200) Mother Board: Asus F3000Ke Series Notebook Chipset AMD M690, AMD Hammer Video: ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 (128 MB) LG Philips LP154WX4-TLC3 [15.4" LCD] Audio: Realtek ALC660 @ ATI SB600 - High Definition Audio Controller HDD: Hitachi HTS542525K9SA00 ATA Device (250 GB, 5400 RPM, SATA) DVD: TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L632H ATA Device LAN/WIFI: Atheros AR5008X Wireless Network Adapter NIC Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E Realtek RTL8168/8111 FireWire: Ricoh RL5C832 IEEE1394 Controller WebCam: USB2.0 1.3M UVC WebCam Ideneb is good with this notebook?? and what patch/driver i need ??? Sorry for bad English