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  1. [Help] Dell Latitude E6400

    Thanks for this image!!! I´m the happy owner of a e6400. I´ve already had a snow leopard installed, and replaced with this... fantastic upgrade. But i have a (little) problem.... I have Win 7 and ML (10.8.2 e6400) in this E6400. it boots from the Windows boot menu, that has 2 boot options. One for Win 7 and the other for OSX. No problem for booting into Win 7. If i select the OSX option, it goes to Chameleon bootloader ( 2.0 rc4, that was already installed for Snow Leopard), it starts the boot and when it goes to the white screen, it goes down and reboot. Tried - v, -f, -x... didn´t boot, with the installed chameleon. So, i´ve downloaded chameleon (updated one) bootloader iso, burn´ed it in a cd, booted from cd, and in verbose mode, i can boot into ML...odd thing. What i´m a doing wrong, or what did i not read? :-) Thanks once again for your fantastic work!!!
  2. don´t seem to understand how you ve got your wifi working again after 10.6.4 update.... Sorry for the bother BTW, very nice guide for installation