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  1. I don't want to look too sceptical, but hacking VMware tools would be rather worthless due to its difficulty. VMware tools do no miracles, and the main issue with VMware is the lack of Mac OS optimizations during emulation. No tools could help it, IMO
  2. So... what is the question, sorry? Yes, you can run Mac OS with VMware. It is boooooring slow. About 10x or 20x speed penalty I think. Its performance may vary. But it is common opinion that 10.4.3 runs not so slooow, as the others
  3. ICQ client

    Yes, I know it =) But can it simply import (I even don't care too much now about export) ICQ history? Still can't get it =(
  4. Had anyone checked this? How much ms's? Is it suitable to use for audio production?
  5. ICQ client

    I need for Intel Mac ICQ client that will suit my needs. I've looked for Fink ported *nix IM clients but haven't found any worth my interest. There's three simple things I need: - it must be able to run on Intel Mac - it must be rather stable and feature rich (no less than original ICQ) - it must have compatible database or it must be able to import/export it, because I plan to use ICQ on Windows machine sometimes and I need to keep my message history monolite. Not simply contacts but history! Now I use 2001b on my Windows machine and I don't need any modern version, I don't need ICQ 5 on Mac. BTW, does ICQ 3 for Macs actually run on Intel Macs? I suppose it is OS9 binary, and AFAIK Rosetta don't support 'em, isn't it? I strongly need for info on ICQ 3 because it seems to me it is my only candidate. Thanks a lot.
  6. Wanted to fit into existing hard disk hardware (several ITE cards). But thanks, nice info.
  7. Damned. Never thought that all is so terrible. And what for PC with Mac OS on top? I need to run 5-6 HDDs with Mac OS, doesn't matter if it is PC or MacIntel.
  8. Do you know what cheap (below $30 for new) PCI ATA (not SATA) RAID controllers are working 100% with Mac OS? With RAID features working, of course. Rare info, unfortunately.
  9. SSE3 only used by Rosetta?

    And are the apps already known (excepting Rosetta) that do not run SSE2?