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  1. Update iAtkos to 10.6.6

    I have a Travelmate 2490. After a few attempts with Iatkos s3 using Chameleon rc4 or rc 5 with intel gma950 kexts and no other boot strings with no video working, I tried all the other options. So now i have Iatkos S3 ( v1 i think) with the following options : AnVal bootloader Bootloader Options : Graphics enabler Patches : /Extra directory fakesmc Disabler RTC Evo Reboot Drivers: Sound Voodoo HDA and Apple HDA 10.6.2 PS/2 Battery kext No VGA driver And networks : atheros 4 wireless and BCM440 for wired. Using this selection my install is ok. with vga sound network etc. I am trying to update to 10.6.6. using combo updater. After update , no restart, i tried simply replacing extensions folder with the one from 10.6.3 no luck, replacing only a few drivers no luck, replacing all the extensions mach kernel, preferences still no luck. I am having problems with the VGA. Anyone can please give me an idea of what to do? Thank you
  2. Update to 10.6.6 issue

    I have a full working iAtkos s3 installed on my Acer Travel mate 2490 . Now i have 10.6.3 and i tried to update to 10.6.6 I didn't use software update but the combo. After install, i have replaced extensions folder with my working 10.6.3 one, but at restart my screen got grey and nothing else. After a retry, i also replaced the extensions but deleting intel gma kext and frame buffer. now this happens : i am able to start in safe mode. but normal login shows only black and white lines and squares where my icons and dock should be. Is there a way to get it running using my old kexts? or not?