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  1. Thanks man! Inspiring solution... I have a Line6 Toneport UX1, the same problem (-10202), I will try your solution later... Hope I can use the goddamn thing!
  2. New AGPGart

    Do you have a VIA video card?
  3. New AGPGart

    Hi Slice, I'm writing from Argentina. I have a VIA VN896 chipset with VIA Chrome9 HC IGP onboard on my laptop. I have installed succesfully an iPC 10.5.6, running very well (on VESA mode! ) I tried to use AGPgart 2.7.1 which is being included on the iPC dvd, along with the IOPCFamily. Booting in "-v" mode, it shows "AGP Create nub for..." and then there is a Still waiting for root drama. I've just reinstalled iPC without AGPGart and IOPCIFamily. I read on your AGP FAQ that "Without graphics driver AGPGart has no sense", and my question is: Until anybody writes a driver for Hackintoshes for this VIA Chrome9 HC IGP, there will be no solution? I've just have to use the VESA mode? Many thanks for your time Man, great job!