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  1. Clover General discussion

    I installed the metal theme and I still have that text type gui. Also it seems to have messed up sleep in windows which is on another drive and I boot off it directly from the bios . Whqt happens is when it wakes up from sleep it cant load my graphics card and i get no picture.
  2. Clover General discussion

    I installed clover and I can boot but I have to go through a text screen I also have to select each time my graphics and is there anything I need to do with the dsdt selections? I have kexts installed from when I first made it with chameleon (#####) in s/l/e and I have the xtra folder do i need it?
  3. Clover General discussion

    It is an hp e9280t It a truckee motherboard made by pegatron running a i7 920 with a gtx 260 1.8gb. Do I need to place a dsdt.aml for it to patch or does not need it. I got it to boot my installed osx butstill getting all the settings. The wiki seems to be a little above me at least the way it is written but I am trying.
  4. Clover General discussion

    I am completely new to clover . I have been running using chameleon since leopard. I installed maverick with chameleon but I want to move over to clover due to some issues that i have. When I try to boot with clover it seems to load with all the kexts but them reboots right before it should be initializing the screen. I am somewhat confused about what is needed . Do I need a dsdt because it seems to find my motherboard? I injected the graphics card but it still reboots.
  5. I have bluetooth working fine with my headset. It is registered as a headset and is listed under audio input. But the second i click on input to see the listing the bluetooth disconnects giving me no ability to use the mic. Is there anything to do?
  6. GTX 260 not working

    Thanks that worked with the native drivers and graphicsenabler=yes
  7. Just a liitle history: This card did not work in Lion without modifying the plist in NVDANV50HAL.KEXT from 05de010e to 05dea10e. i got only a partial screen the way a screen comes up when you first boot. In Snow Lion and Mountain Lion it worked natively. Now: It is back to the way it was in lion but much worse. shows only 3mb of memory. There does not seem to be a plist with card identifiers in it it that I can find. The thing is when I boot using verbose, I see the card go by with the correct name and memory. i also get an error that nvdresman.kest did not load properly. Any help with getting it to work or/and finding the plist would be appreciated. I also tried installing the drivers from nvidias website but it wont install. Says the card is already supported.
  8. I had a working lion 10.7.2 install on my HP pavilion elite i7 desktop on it's own drive. I unplugged the drive and Plugged in a different drive to test win8. When I plugged in my lion drive and tried to boot I got the PCI configuration error. I tried the Flags suggested with no luck . any trouble shooting tips to see what is causing it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I have this system from HP for about a year ( I had the initial run. After an ordeal got them to replace the motherboard and it has been rock solid since.) I had osx 10.6.2 installed on a separate hd using both ideneb and leohazards distro. Leohazards distro was painless just need to boot using busratio=20 cpus=1. I could not get my gtx 260 1.8gb to work fully (I did not have the black screen problem). It seems that HP's oem card has a different identifier than the standard gtx 260. Recently I have tried again because better support for these cards exist but I do not remember what my selection were and I can not get it to install. So any help would be appreciated.
  10. Snow Leopard Retail with a GTX 260

    This is a standard problem with this card. You have to temporarily remove nvdaresman.kext (boot into -s mode) add the correct efi strings and then put it back correct the permissions and you should be good to go. I also have this card gtx 260 dual dvi ports and I am going crazy trying to get it to work. I wish I would have the blank screen problem because the solution to that is simple. Are you using and enabler because SL has native support for the gtx 200 series. Also EFI strings can only be made in leopard and you have to hope that your NVcap is correct. here is a link http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.cgi?act...&thread=509
  11. Have you solved the error? Do I have to patch the bios and with what?
  12. I would like to try to get snow leopard working on my e9280t I am a total newbie regarding this. Quite proficient in the windows environment. What should I use. I tried iatkos cannot get past the beginning screen where the apple shows up and then reboots. It uses the same pegatron motherboardAlso is the nvidia gtx 260 1.8gb supported? I have a retail disk of snow leopard and I have the iatkos v.7 of leopard.