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  1. Web Application/Site Languages

    I use .NET framework. ASP.NET, C#, SilverLight. As database, i use MS Access or MS SQL Server. I also know PHP 4 but i stop using it a few time ago, when i started to study .NET To design i usually use Photoshop, or sometimes pure CSS. About AJAX, i use too a little but just in "small cases", for example: validating an email, subscribing newsletters, etc.
  2. Please test my website :)

    I really like the design, but if you could, you should use one more section on the right column (you have the left with the menu, the container and on the other, you have a little box that's chanching from page to page). Some advertising there would stay greate, or you could use 2 textbox and 2 buttons. For username, password, and login and register. So, you can do the login in your main website, and when users goes to the forum, they already have the session created and they are logged This will be very good because you can use on your website, something like "news posts, news pms" etc (not on the forum but on the website).
  3. A few weeks ago, i was looking for some icons to use in a admin area of a website that i'm developing. So, a friend told me of a greate website: iconePot There, you have a lot of icons (all free). There are some previews: Ammount: 30 Size: 48x48 (px) File Type: .png Download Ammount: 50 Size: 48x48 (px) File Type: .png Download Ammount: 26 Size: 48x48 (px) File Type: .png Download