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  1. About this Mac Graphics

    More info, please.. Which logo? for Samsung? For the processor? For the NC10? Point me to your logo and Ill try to help. Go back to page 1 and read? I say this because I cant remember what the hell file I replaced.
  2. About this Mac Graphics

    One more thing.. I made my graphic, but I cant save it transparent apparently. I save it as a tif, keeping layers so itll be transparent, but when I bring up 'about' its white. Ill keep working on it, but in the meantime I would like some honest opinions. Aside from making it not be a different color, I mean. Alright! I got it with a little help from my friends. My contribution. Better late than never. lenovo_atom_MacOSX__PC__copy.tif
  3. About this Mac Graphics

    Which lines are the ones that define the processor? My 'about this mac' shows me having an unknown processor. How do I make it display the correct one? Thanks!! And thanks everyone for all the cool graphics. If only there was one specific to the Atom processor or the lenovo S10. Maybe thatll be my mission.
  4. [INSTALLING] 10.5.4 on a Lenovo S10

    2GB RAM is the maximum. If you install a 2GB stick you will have 2.5GB but the S10 will only utilize 2GB. I was wondering about the sleep kexts too since the names stated arent listed.. But I think the kext you want is "VoodooUSBEHCI". I say this based solely on the fact that it has EHCI in the title. Any clarification on which kexts to grab from /darwin would be appreciated.