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  1. ok i thought i had everything going 100% or so it seemed well i thought the mouse stuttering was just due to my wireless kb/m but alas it wasnt and that was just the domino effect, i use a Line6 Toneport for audio as well as guitar modeling and whenever any audio gets used whether it be youtube, guitar pro, itunes, etc it has a horible stuttering lag clip whatever you want to call it. is this a usb issue? ive done alot of searching to only have no avail. im running a Asus Rampage II Extreme, dont have the riser sound card (bought open box, just the board). and ive been using on my windows installs. i could even live with the stuttering mouse (but would be nice to fix) but the usb sound is a big problem does anyone have any ideas?
  2. thank you thank you thank you thank you! between MJ and your guide, and help from irc.insanelymac im now running 10.5.7 on my rampage ii extreme with all cores, lan, etc THANK YOUUUU and as far as a whole guide dan, yours is done, just need to add a lil more detail to step 6 and beyond (like decryptors!) after i figured out the whol dsmos thing... PWN