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  1. Again FSB autodetection

    Damn. I've lost about 3 days trying to make this work. And still no progress. This is the situation: Got a real 10.4.8, based on working system (just have to change kext and copy over the kernel - mifkis). So far I haven't occured any problems with it. I need a new install. I've installed 10.4.6 by JaS on second hd (of course, I switched off all the patches), then made Apple's 10.4.8 combo update and then I've copied kext and the kernel.... and nothing. loginwindow.app crashing on boot (passed -v -f -x parameters). I've tried to copy all the kexts from my working 10.4.8, removed /System/Library/Extensions.* files and the same. I've also tried to use newer v3, but still no progress. I'm wondering, what's the difference between new and an old system. What could be the reason of loginwindow.app thingy? Btw, great work.
  2. b0 error and can't find the patch

    Grab any CD which provide tools for partition table editing. Boot, set 'bootable' (in some apps 'active') flag on your startup partition, write, reboot, eject CD. You could use Hirens CD or any Linux livecd (Minimal Gentoo livecd or smth).
  3. Szukam tego, co w temacie. By?bym bardzo wdzi?czny, gdyby kto? to gdzie? wystawi?, najlepiej, jako torrent. Pozdrawiam, Damian
  4. SSE2 + SSE3 during installation

    Is it possible, to remove SSE2 patch off the working system? Everything works fine here and I don't want to reinstall entire system.