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  1. Thank you, sir. Hasn't x99 been out for a while, why is it still "under very early support"? Also, how has your experience been?
  2. I'm planing on getting an i7 5820k and eventually possibly upgrade to a broadwell cpu when they come out so I'll need a motherboard with a 2011-v3 socket. I checked on osx86project and googled a bit but coudln't find anything. Does anyone know of some compatible motherboards? Much appreciated, gents.
  3. Ok so i had ml installed on my first partition with chameleon boot loader. Ended up having to install boot1h to fix the boot0 error. Everything was fine. Now, I installed win8 on the second partition. I can now only boot to the win8 partition. Chameleon does not come up, my laptop just boots to win8. What can I do?
  4. This was the only thing that helped. Tried to get messages to work for a month. Thanks!
  5. I followed this guide here becuase I was getting a boot0 error and now apparently my HDD is formatted with a case sensitive journalled hfs. I DID NOT FORMAT MY HDD AS CASE SENSITIVE so what I did in that guide must have somehow changed the format. I now can't install adobe products because of this. Is there any way I can get rid of the case sensitive format without going through hours of carbon copy cloner bs? Also, I should not need boot1h or whatever because my HDD is less then 1TB. I've installed ML on this HDD before and SOMETIMES, I need to follow the previous guide to stop the boot0 error, while and sometimes ML just works/boots fine. It makes no sense.
  6. I know, what I'm saying is how can I install Windows on an NTFs partiion and then install Mac to HFS+ if I can't format HFS+ with Windows, and Mac OS X won't allow me to do ANYTHING with the drive if it's NTFS?
  7. I installed Windows 7, but after booting to my exteral HDD, I can't copy the files over to my main HDD partition for Mac OS X. It's formatted as NTFS and aparently I need journaled. I can't change it to journaled. Hiw can I go about this?
  8. I have 10.8.1 on 1 partition of my HDD and I'm trying to install Windows 7 on the other partition. My old laptop (that I traded for the ASUS N53S I have now) had 2 HDDs so dual booting was no problem. However, I guess you can't install Windows on an EFI disk. Never had to worry about this before as I had 2 HDDs. Hiw can I install Windows on the partition when ai already have Mac OS X installed on the other partition? Could I clone my Mac OS X partition to my External HDD? If so, what's the best way of going about this? Thanks.
  9. xdanisx


    I have no graphics issues without both. Applehda gives me soooo many artifacts it's unbareable. Voodoohda is better, but still pretty bad.
  10. xdanisx


    AppleHDA was causing a {censored} load of video artifacts. Voodoohda just causes less. Do I have any other options?
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  12. xdanisx

    dsdt.dsl to aml

    Oh. Tyvm.
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    I have 10.8.2 on my ASUS n53s. I was getting way too many graphics artifacts and have found out that voodoohda was the culprit. Problem is, I do not have sound now that I have uninstalled the kext. I do, however, have applehda. Isn't this also responsible for sound? What are my alternatives to voodoohda? I believe I have an intel sound controller.
  14. xdanisx

    dsdt.dsl to aml

    Is that literally how? What's the point of making a .dsl if it's just the same as .aml?