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  1. Cheers, Cydia! I finally got it working. No need to apologize. Actually, I have a lot of Taiwanese students like yourself learning English and Japanese, so I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I tried plugging in a bluetooth USB dongle. Are there any specific brands that work? Thanks again.
  2. Sorry for the double post. I've been trying for the last few days, but I haven't made any progress at all. I've checked Lilu.kext and IntelGraphicsFixup.kext are the same. I've tried different versions. I've even tried going back to 10.12.0. I don't know how to get a log of the boot, so I've posted some screen shots. I know Cydia's really busy, but if someone could point me in the right direction, like what's going wrong, and where to ask for help, that would be really helpful. Thanks so much for any help!
  3. Cheers, Cydia! Much appreciated. I tried what you suggested. This time it gets to about 50% of the way through. It flashes the same screen as I posted above, and then seems to hang on the booting screen. Thanks again for any help.
  4. After installing the intel kext I get this screen. If I restart using the 12345678 graphics id, it loads, but the driver doesn't seem to have loaded, because the video memory is still at 22MB. I've been following the Hackintosh scene for a while but this is my first try. Any help would be really appreciated.
  5. EDIT: Sorry, I've only just realized this is in the wrong forum. Hi. I've been trying to install OS X on my PC for a while, and so far, the only copy I've actually managed to get into the installation is an old copy of 10.4.3 (which I thought was 10.4.4). Recently I've tried both the JaS and Goatsecx ISOs, but I get the same error. The installation starts with the grey apple screen. After about 2 or 3 mins, I get the blue background and the black cursor, which moves around perfectly. After that, the spinning colour wheel comes up, but then the blue screen dissappears and I get a black screen with a white block in the top left, which I can type in (but I don't know enough about BSD). After about a minute I get this error message: -sh-2.05b# July 29 05:21:33 launched: server 204b in bootstrap 1103 uid 0: "usr/sbin/lookupd" [125] exited abnormality: hangup SIOCPROTOATTACK_IN6: en0 error=17 July 29 05:21:55 launched: server 204f in bootstrap 1103 uid 0: "usr/sbin/lookupd"[165]: exited abnormality: Hangup I'm running a: Pentium 4 2.4 (SSE2) AOpen AXPE Max 1GB RAM Radeon 9200 AGP Any help is very-much appreciated.
  6. Crashing a lot

    I've managed to get OSX installed on my computer. It seems to crash randomly, and I'm not sure what's going wrong. When it crashes, the screen is unavailable and it comes up with that message against a black square that says "You must restart your computer". I've installed it on my second hard disk, with just the DVD drive attatched at the moment. When it's in OSX, everything works including the sound and the video -- it's very fast actually considering it's running on an SSE2 2ghz Pentium 4. Here are my specs: P4 2.0ghz (SSE2) AOpen AXPE Max 1GB RAM Radeon 9800 AGP Onboard 5.1 sound (working perfectly in OSX) Thanks for any help.
  7. OS X on my PC -- what do I need to change?

    Okay, I'll give that a go and see what's going on. Thanks to both of you.
  8. OS X on my PC -- what do I need to change?

    Thanks pal. I will try booting into verbose mode, but I don't have an Apple keyboard right now. is there any way I can get around that?
  9. Hi there. I've been working on with Final Cut Pro on a dual G5 for over a year now, and I am going to be leaving the country soonish, and with Macs going Intel, and it being expensive to send the computer with me, I figure I should cash in on my G5 now and wait for the next thing. I have a PC I would like to get OS X running on, and it's kind of a mixture of reasonably okay hardware, and reasonably old stuff. I installed OS X 10.4.4 on it, and the installation went fine -- rather nippy actually. The problem is when I get into OS X. Everything works until it gets to the registration screen, where it gives me screen below. I suspect my video card is too old for OS X to handle, because the problem doesn't arise until OSX has loaded and the welcome screen with all the translations of 'hello' is about to load. I'm wondering if someone knows of some trick, some drivers or some hardware I can get so I can get my PC up and running OS X with Final Cut Pro. I realize I'm probably having to go buy some hardware to get both my sound and video working, so if there is no software solution, as I suspect, I would greatly appreciate some buying advice for something that would just get what I need for FCP working, so I don't end up shelling more than I need to. Many thanks. Any help is much appreciated. Specs: Pentium 4 2.4 (SSE2) Aopen AXP4PE Motherboard 1 GB RAM 2 x 120 GB hard disk + 1 x 400GB ATI Radeon 6800? DRR 64 Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Platinum