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  1. This driver is incomplete and has not input enabled. Anybody knows how to get the mic working? Unfortunately my onboard sound card is dead completely fried and then, I can't use it. Help me, please.
  2. Update MeDevil's AppleNForceATA please!

    Unfortunately, I think they'll never update this driver, just because they don't care about the nforce chipset or the burning issue at all, I guess.
  3. Works great! it's better than Kext Utility and Kext Helper b7. Thanks!
  4. Where Can I Get Tubgirl's 10.4.8 AMD iso?

    Well, there is a forum (in german) boerse.bz, take a look over there and look for MAC Osx 10.4.8 SSE3 AMD only ISO. Good luck!
  5. Who is still using 10.4?

    I'm downloading Tiger 10.4.8 right now! I hope everything is going to be ok with this installation crossing fingers... @Nigh7Ang3l Yes, there is a tutorial right here, in this forum, but don't remember exactly where, but is very easy to do (something like change the version number inside a plist).
  6. Itunes crashes on Snow install

    Thank you very much! Works perfectly on my SnowLeo 10.6.2 (Hazard) Athlon64 x2 mobo MSI-k9 and iTunes 8.2.1.
  7. NForce SATA Controller

    Well, this is what I've done, I erased the old kexts AppleNforceATA and SuperNorceATA and then installed the AppleNforceATA(TEST) from the first post. Now my sata dvd writer can read the discs. Thanks a lot, people!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. NForce SATA Controller

    My Snow can recognize my LG sata dvd but can not read it or write. I am using AppleNforceATA.kext, chipset nforce mcp61. Help please.
  9. Is integrated GeForce 6100 supported?

    I just tried that method but doesn't work on my card. However, thanks for your help.
  10. Is integrated GeForce 6100 supported?

    Bump. Sad for me. I was trying the same for several weeks, but no luck. I gave up too. I hope someone can help us someday with this card.
  11. NVinjectGo w VGA OUT

    Please, help me I'm completely newbie. How can I inject the right information about my card? (Geforce 6100 - nforce mcp405)