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  1. D-link DWA-125 Driver for SnowL 10.6.3?

    I know this is old, but in case some else is searching I can save some hair pulling. >Installed it and rebooted That is the key! Install the driver then plug in the dwa-125 I deleted Extensions.mkext a dozen time, removed the ethernet card driver, searched the internet, etc before I finally noticed that one line on this one post.
  2. New InsanelyMac website!

    I REALLY miss the lofi version of the pages. Much better for printing.
  3. Strange screen tyring to install

    Thanks! That sure doesn't look like a mouse to me!
  4. I keep getting stuck at this screen when trying to install. It happens using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 3.1 and any combination of -v, -f, and -x. The hardware is GA-P55m-UD2 and i5-750. Does anyone have any idea what this is about?
  5. Atheros AR8131/AR8132

    This driver has an interesting characteristic - it works if the cable is short enough, say 6 feet, but kicks in and out when connected to the switch with 20 feet of cat 5. It seems to hunt for configuration (eg half/full duplex, 10/100, etc) forever. I can't force manual configuration as it kicks back to automatic immediately.
  6. Shot myself in the foot.

    Oy! Maybe I should have just bought my wife an iMac .... I just spent 10 hours trying to find out why the A/D cards at a customer site stop giving readings - now I have to get an education in arcane sound hardware. Yuck. VoodoHDA installed but I get horrendous feedback. I thought it was maybe skinkead's HPET section conflicting so removed it. That was not it. The hardware seems to couple input to output almost from boot. Without the HPET section in dsdt.aml, OS X did not find a mic, although it was screaming with feedback. We are not audiophiles - my wife needs Skype to talk to her daughters in Ukraine - so I don't care if the sound is not perfect. But I need some sound in and out, preferably without a direct hardware connection from in to out Thanks though. I appreciate the help. I questioned the wisdom of the move, but was frustrated enough to give it a shot. So far I have had no problems on my box, an i5-750 GA-P55M setup. I'm lovin' it! I will revert if I have to.
  7. Shot myself in the foot.

    I will have to look for that on the web. My retail disk is 10.6.3, so I can't go back before that Problem is that I don't make a hobby of this, so I don't know these things and have not found any concise information. There is a lot spread around but it is of the "try this" variety instead of "use VoodoHDA with xyz" or "LegacyXYZ with QRS" or such. Does VoodoHDA work with recent Snow? I couldn't find that on their site. I did not know that. I guess I will have to Google a bit. Thanks for the help.
  8. Shot myself in the foot.

    Ah yes. A little sloppy. Unfortunately neither of the fixes (dsdt or smbios) permit LegacyALC883 work. I have a rev 1 board and so did skinhead, but ....
  9. Shot myself in the foot.

    LOL!!! I had not stumbled on that yet, but will go fix it now Thank you very much!
  10. In getting my old G31M-ES2L ready with Snow for my wife to use, I decided to use case sensitive file systems since it wouldn't matter to her, and being an old Unix guy, I find non case sensitivity frustrating. I used skinhead's method and kexts, figuring it should be a piece of cake but I have spent half a day trying to solve the CMOS reset problem. I used his dsdt.aml but it did not seem to work. I disassembled it, compared it to others, yadda, yadda. On a wild hare, I did "mv dstd.aml DSDT.aml" and no more CMOS resets!!
  11. G41M-ES2L V1.4 audio

    It has been a year or so since I built my hackintosh and there has been a lot of evolution. I am building one for my brother now (finally going to get him off Windows) and, after a lot of research, picked the G41M-ES2L big brother to my G31M-ES2L. I have discovered that none of the guides here work completely because I got a rev 1.4 board with different Ethernet and maybe different audio. No matter which guide I used, I had no audio or network. I managed to get Ethernet working but have had no luck with audio. I tried a ton of kexts recommended in the guides here, but no luck. Audio works if I boot from the Empire CD, so I took the kexts from that but still no luck. Perhaps they don't work because I am running 64 bit mode? I make a recovery partition from one of the guides and it has audio, but is running 32 bit mode. Where do I go from here? What kext works with this rev 1.4 board is 64 bit mode? Do I have this install so screwed up after trying so many kexts that nothing will work? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  12. Wow. You saved my sanity. I have followed the installs in this and other threads but could not get sound or ethernet. In fact, the last try yielded a blue screen with very, very faint desktop. Are you sure about the sound? According to the Gigabyte website, all four revs use the ALC888B code. The first three do use the RTL8111C/D/(L) chip while the 1.4 version uses the RTL8111E chip.
  13. I swear I remember seeing a post on this problem somewhere back when I was trying to get my hack working with PS2 keyboard/mouse. I finally gave up and bought a Logitech keyboard and all was fine with iPC and iDeneb, but now I have finally gotten my vanilla install working (thanks to posters here) and suddenly my usb mouse won't work without a PS2 mouse plugged in. All is fine if I boot the iPC or iDeneb partitions, so it is something in this install. Anyone know the solution?
  14. two differences in hackintosh and real mac hardware

    No insight, but that is pretty ugly. Have you tried SATA alone (without PATA)? Maybe some interaction either in the hardware or the Mac driver(s). I am running only SATA with my G31M-ESL2 which is also ICH7 without problems. Carl
  15. I didn't see a better place than this, so forgive me if this is wrong. I have a real IBM PS2 keyboard that is great. I don't want to use a USB keyboard. However, the PS2 keyboard obviously does not have a Windows key, and therefor has no Option key. The key mapping information I can find here is pretty high level compared with what I use in linux. Is there a lower level way to map another key, say right Alt or right Ctrl to the Option key? Do I have to hack the driver to do that? Carl