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  1. I assume that this doesn't work (drivers online are only for Windows) and this is the only USB wireless that BestBuy had for under $50 (and none of them listed anything other than Windows) so... Where can I go and buy a working card for OSX for not too much money, and what do I look for/ask for? Thanks! I'd like to have internet before tomorrow, so time is important!
  2. Sorry, thought I added a little more info than I did, must have been sleepy when I posted Best answer I can give as to what sound and wifi card I'm using comes as quotes directly from Gateway support (since I can't seem to find the answers anywhere on the gateway website...): Sound is sigma Tel High definition audio - 2 channel, and wireless specification is 802.11n wireless LAN Bluetooth® 2.0 Intel wireless driver. The "support" was unable to tell me more than that... I love Gateway.
  3. Okay, so I did a clean install of iATKOS v5i on my Gateway P6860FX notebook. I had a few problems picking the right things to install, but with the help of a guy from these forums we were able to get everything except for the sound and wireless internet (if you guys know how to get the net working without having to plug in a ethernet, that'd be nice too lol). Anyway, I'm unsure of where to go from here, being completely new to all of this (Mac OS X and osx86), so any help would be amazing.
  4. Noob compatibility question here

    Thanks Tried doing a dual boot with Vista twice and neither way I could get to work (using IATKOS v5i, if that matters). One way didn't work at all and the other just stayed at the Mac loading screen after selecting to boot as mac. I feel like such a tard, but I will make this work!
  5. Noob compatibility question here

    Sorry about the search, I do admit that I could have done a little better with that. Tried doing a search a little bit and honestly was overwhelmed with info and couldn't navigate the forums well enough to sort it all out Thanks and I'll check out the graphics card. If it isn't compatible, what's the next step? I assume at that point I'm screwed? lol
  6. Hey all, I'm looking to ditch Vista for iATKOS, but I have no clue how to tell if my notebook is compatible and don't want to format it all just to find out that it doesn't work. My laptop is a Gateway P6860FX (specs here: http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/gateway-p-...-32976305.html) Can someone that knows about this look it over and help? And does CS4 run well on OSx86 10.5? Thanks!