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  1. iPC Live DVD error

    Kernels? The only option I know of is the size of the RAMDisk.
  2. So I ended up re-installing OS X. Which was good anyway since there were a few other iPC kexts I could install with the OS. One of those was just called "Power Management Package" which is supposed to be a battery fix, but didn't work. iPC comes with a couple of others called Apple ACPI Battery Manager and Apple ACPI Power Source. I wonder if either of those might work.
  3. I think the one thing I did was install NTFS 3G: http://macntfs-3g.blogspot.com/ Communicating with Windows seemed to get a lot easier after that. I could then read and write to my Windows formatted NTFS drives, either in the same computer or on the network.
  4. FCP installer says 0MB vram

    I tried to install Final Cut Pro and the installer says my video card has 0MB ram so it refuses to install. When I look at "About This Mac" and "More Info" the graphics section says I have 256MB VRam. Any idea why that could be? The graphics card is an nVidia 8600M GS 256MB. I installed it with NVinject 0.2.1 256MB.
  5. Thanks, it seems to be working now, after I had to re-install OSX for another reason.
  6. Oh noes! I installed this and it worked, I now have a battery indicator, but my touch pad won't work. Even my USB mouse won't work. I don't know if the keyboard is working or not since there's nothing on the screen for me to type in, but I don't think it is since my volume buttons don't do anything and the caps lock key doesn't making it's "on" light come on. During the original iPC install I had to run the PS/2 keyboard and mouse fixes. I wonder if this undid those fixes. Please someone, tell me I don't have to install all over again. Maybe something from inside the iPC installer, like in Disk Utilities or something. When I restart with -v it loads fine, but pauses brifly on this part with an error: Edit: Oh sweet, I tried another USB mouse and that one works, now if I can only undo installing this thing... If I do open something like the text editor it starts repeatedly entering "77777777777..." etc
  7. Wow thank you that was a lot easier than I had heard. Now if I could get the two macs to see each other the desktop sees the laptop, but not the other way around. When I try to connect to the laptop it tries for minute then says "Connection Failed".
  8. Now that I've got my laptop set up with OSx86 I need to share some files with it from my Windows computers. Can someone point me to a guide to get it working with my Windows network?
  9. Realtek ALC 268 WORKING

    Awesome! Everything works perfectly now except that I have to manually switch from speakers to headphone. I think my biggest problem was that my laptop had no wi-fi drivers so I was downloading on my PC and carrying it by hand over to the laptop (AKA sneakernet) and something was getting messed up with that. So instead I plugged in my laptop via Ethernet and it was a LOT easier. Thanks!
  10. Realtek ALC 268 WORKING

    Put that code where, at boot? Actually I'm using iPC and just realized that iPC has ALC268, ALC 268 (Comatron), and ALC268 (Madtux). I didn't know what model number I was using until after I installed. Do you know if I can some install those kexts now, or do I have to completely re-install?
  11. Realtek ALC 268 WORKING

    I'm not sure if my HP dv9650us is an ALC 268 or not, I've looked everywhere and cannot find a model number, just "Realtek High Definition Audio". However someone earlier in this thread has the same laptop and said this worked for them, so I tried it. No good. What I did was: double click that taruga patcher and it ran, then I rebooted. I didn't have an Extensions folder in Library so I made one and put the AppleHDA.kext in there. I don't know how to install kexts manually so I ran Universal OSc86 Installer and it said the kext installed. Then I rebooted. After the reboot nothing seemed any different. I can make sound come out if I set the output to Internal Speakers, but I have no volume control and there's no way to set an input.
  12. Making Vista active

    If I partition my drive that currently has Vista on it and install OSX, is there some way that the Vista partition can remain active so that a reboot will go straight to Vista unless I say otherwise?
  13. I know you must read this question here all the time, but I'm thinking about installing iPC on my laptop (duel boot with Vista). Do you think I would have trouble finding drivers that work? Here's my Device Manager: It's a Core 2 Duo T5250 1.5GHz, 2GB ram, GeForce 8600M GS, I doubt I'll find HD-DVD drivers, but I wonder if some generic DVD driver might work. I mainly care about sound, video, and USB for a mouse. I ask because I'm not sure what I should be looking for in the forum search. Thanks.
  14. User permissions

    Edit: Sorry I meant to say "privileges" I'm trying to overwrite a couple of .kext files in the Extensions folder and it says I don't have the right privileges. How do I get these privileges? In Windows I can do anything I want to with just a password entry...
  15. Installing apps

    Thanks for the info. I figured I would try it anyway and of course it worked. I also thought I would switch to the 9.4 StageXNU Universal kernel instead of the Voodoo one. The description sounded like I would have the best chances with that one. I actually don't see any difference so I guess it didn't matter that much.