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  1. [1337] QE/CI x3100 (GMA965 0x2a02) on Lion GM

    guys, you are awesome! I was with this crazy mouse problem, and you solved it! Thanks!
  2. [1337] QE/CI x3100 (GMA965 0x2a02) on Lion GM

    Guys! Problem solved. Just updated to lion retail version and QE/CI worked! Thanks a lot, you are awesome.
  3. [1337] QE/CI x3100 (GMA965 0x2a02) on Lion GM

    Already tried, got a black screen :/ I saw what you did... Got that method from GFX and copied to GFX0... and that caused me to have wrong output, but at least some different results! I think the way to make it work is in DSDT.aml... I will make some tests then I will post the results soon. You are with sure the best hackintosh forum in the world!
  4. [1337] QE/CI x3100 (GMA965 0x2a02) on Lion GM

    Whoa! Different results! Now, when I start, i get a black screen with artifacts, but its some advance! What did you do? Nope, even that way, no waves! Im sure that QE/CI is disabled.
  5. [1337] QE/CI x3100 (GMA965 0x2a02) on Lion GM

    Yep, 32 bits mode. I am using the stock kexts, and in my case adding something in the dashboard don't result in any ripple effect Strange... maybe some difference in the cards? Are you using some DSDT.aml?
  6. Hey! I never posted something in forums, all the time I was able to find out a solution using google. This time it's reeealy hard, because GMA965 got old and i think that nobody else is trying to make Lion GM work in it. Because of that, i need help of some 1337 members! Hope somebody is able to find out what is wrong! What I want: Enable QE/CI (you know that when it's disabled: worst user experience ever). Okay, so, current scenario: - GMA965 (x3100 0x2a02 Rev 0x0003) working on Lion GM with QE/CI disabled, at 1280x800x32 and 32 bits mode (64-bit Kernel and Extensions: No) - It's (obviously) a laptop! - Everything else works fine! What I already tried: - Many other kexts from kexts.com (no success!) -> Some kexts result in a black screen (verbose mode) with mouse cursor blinking (dont know why... maybe driver restarting?) -> Some kexts result in a 1024x768 resolution only, and no QE/CI - DSDT.aml -> default, extracted from system using DSDTSE -> nothing different, QE/CI disabled -> patched, using DSDTSE x3100 laptop hack -> nothing different, QE/CI disabled - Chameleon GraphicsEnabler=Yes -> Always used that, QE/CI disabled Now, I know that QE/CI is supported by this card (GMA965 0x2a02 Rev 0x003) because this card is the one in Macbook White Late 2008. Another important info: QE/CI works fine in Snow Leopard 10.6.8 in this laptop (I was using it about a week ago, now i'm fighting with the Lion ) I dont' know why it isn't enabled natively... It works fine on the Macbook White Late 2008 I am attaching my DSDT.aml, maybe needed to find out what's wrong. dsdt.aml.zip