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  1. rvxtm

    Clover General discussion

    Thank you for the reply on this, this is about what i just did. i enabled things except igpu, airport, firewire, ide and sata. Another issue i have in El Cap is this error in sys profiler. With or without the fixes, same error here. In 10.10 i don't see this error. Except this error i see, the system works ok.
  2. rvxtm

    Clover General discussion

    Managed to install the GM of El Cap on my sig machine, i re-created the entire config.plist and started to use audio injection in the config, and also on the fly DSDT fixes, i used to disable dsdt fixes before, but it looks to be working the same with them enabled. Any hints on those fixes ? keep them, disable them ? Thank you. I am not sure how needed are those fixes for my UEFI only system, can someone sugest what fixed out of those are recommended? keeping in mind i have the integrated igpu disabled.
  3. rvxtm

    OS X El Capitan DP's builds!

    Hello, can you guys please tell me what extra settings are needed for 10.11 GM in the clover config file ? thanks. I attached my current config file for Yosemite. CFG.zip
  4. rvxtm

    Clover General discussion

    Are the DSDT patches recommended with UEFI boot mode in clover ? I always disabled all of them from the config, OSX works for me on my board (Gigabyte Z87-UD3H). Can someone please recommend what patches are needed (if they are needed) . Thank you !
  5. I format usb as guid HFS+ , restore the sharedsupport SystemBase.dmg inside InstallESD.dmg image to the stick, remove the Packages shortcut from System/Install on the USB, and paste in the folder real folder from the root of InstallESD.dmg, on the root of the usb i also paste the SystemBase.dmg and chunklist file. After this, i install clover with uefi only on the stick, paste the FakeSMC in 10.10 folder kexts and use a config for macbook pro (your config actually last time) , i did not use npci=0x3000 amd PCIRootUID=1. I will try agian. Thank you. I've been doing this ever since 10.8 - 10.9, on my main PC it is working great. Update, tried with 10.11, stick works on PC, on laptop with MacBook config, i get graphics errors.
  6. Hello, I hit a snag with installing Yosemite on my laptop. I have it running perfectly on the main PC configuration. I tried clover in UEFI mode with default settings, with modified config, i always end up here . I also updated the BIOS of the machine to the latest version, no difference. I have bit of know-how with the config file since i installed OS X on multiple computers (iMessage and FaceTime working), but on this Asus laptop, it just gets stuck here. It looks like a graphics issue, since all the verbose text gets broken just before that sign pops up in the middle of the screen. Here is my config i am using with the latest clover 3215 with or without 0x01660003 ig-platform-id the result is the same. config.plist.zip Any advice on where to go from here ? Thank you
  7. Hello, Can you please post a short info on how you got Yosemite to boot on this machine ? i am trying to do this as well on an x55c . Thank you. PS: i used your efi folder and i end up here, no matter what i select :
  8. rvxtm

    Clover General discussion

    Hello All, just a quick question from my side, what is the difference between OsxAptioFixDrv and OsxAptioFix2Drv . I am running Yosemite on a Gigabyte Z87-UD3H MB with first OsxAptioFixDrv right now. Thank you.
  9. Guys, what do you say to the support call agent ? my account has an cc attached, i got over 300euros of apps in the last year, i use the account on other 2 apple devices, what should i tell them after i call, because the upper instructions don't seam to activate FaceTime and imessage
  10. I understand that, but the ROM value is kind of strange "%77%77%77%77%77%77" should i just enter it like this in that field ?
  11. How do i set these in clover, especially the ROM value ? thank you !
  12. No longer working here as well now that ios8 is out, the hack got blocked
  13. This is a strange one, i cannot continue to send imessages from hack, but i can receive messages. If u try and send something, it turns to green and probably tries to use continuity. i have no ios8 on my devices.
  14. rvxtm

    Suddenly Messages Stopped Working

    not working anymore here as well
  15. rvxtm

    Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Not working, it says that no codec detected, i have 898 on this board.i downloaded the v2 script but nothing.