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  1. bmttinman

    Success - OLD SCHOOL GA-EP45-UD3P

    On this board it does not have sound thru HDMI. Can you give me step by step how to for this board. I have EP45T-UD3P
  2. bmttinman

    GA-EP45-UD3P host of problems after install

    I have it up and ruining on 3.15 Core GA-45T-UT3P with ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series. I used Kakwalk method http://www.kakewalk.se/. I used following kexts ALC885_889a.kext HDAEnabler.kext LegacyHDA.kext Still trying to update to 10.8.4
  3. bmttinman

    Mac OSX on HP Pavilion dv7-4000series

    what id you use to get it up and running. HP dv7-4183cl
  4. bmttinman

    Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

    There well be a special on Steve Jobs on Discovery Channel Sunday October 16 2011 called IGenius. 8pm Eastern Looks like it wil be hosted by the Mythbusters
  5. With the new boot loader I was able to get system to install but when it went to reboot the first time it would turn it self off because it could not find kext to run.
  6. I have tried Your boot to thumb drive, I-boot . MBCD iso, Chameleon 2.0 RC5 r747 (pkg) from Kexts.com, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=218768 guide Guide from http://lifehacker.com/#!5351485/how-to...start-to-finish on how to build thumb drive boot and installing kexts give to use from Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Dual Boot on a HP DV7. everthing will not boot or goes in to loop as per your thumb drive guide you have given
  7. Goes in to loop or will not boot on all of your ideas. What did you use to boot to get Snow leopard installed on your laptop that you have listed on your reply for this is the same machine that I have?
  8. I tried that site also. Get ebios can't be found then goes it to loop
  9. I have the same set up as you.I bought from Costco at Christmas. What did you do to get SL it installed? Have tried this guide and one other and still cant get it to work
  10. bmttinman

    I need your help

    Usa Ut CO NM AZ four comers area
  11. HP DV7 4183/Intel/i5 m460@2.53/series/3400 series chipset/Intel/mobile 5 series/Broadcom Corp/BCM4313 502.1 1b/g LP-PHY/ATI Manhattan Mobility Radeon HD 5470 can't get it to work. boots from Chameleon gets to cant find ebios then loops continuos.
  12. HP DV7 4183/Intel/i5 m460@2.53/series/3400 series chipset/Intel/mobile 5 series/Broadcom Corp/BCM4313 502.1 1b/g LP-PHY/ATI Manhattan Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Have tried your guide and can not get it to work. Help. Can't get by boot up screen says cant load ebois then reboots continues to loop
  13. bmttinman

    I need your help

    I am having to retrain myself for as a Master Plumber and Sheet Metal worker I have trouble finding work at 58. I have applied to go back to community collage and I am have problems as to how to go about it. Do I go for a certificate which will take about a year in computers or do I go for the associates degree that takes two years and puts me at 60. Please give me some feed back for I am lost.
  14. How to Install Windows on Google's Chrome OS Notebook ARTICLE DATE: 12.11.10 By Cisco Cheng The fact that the Google CR-48 Notebook runs on an Intel processor implies that it can run Windows or some other full blown operating system. But how would you install Windows in the first place? That's not exactly clear. But we have the answer, or at least part of it. Apparently, every Cr-48 notebook is equipped with a developer's mode, which, when activated, can potentially wipe and restore the partition back to factory condition, or break your current Chrome OS setup. That's no big deal, since all the Web Store apps and browser settings reside in the cloud and syncing it all back into your notebook shouldn't take long. The actual point of this exercise is to show you that if you ever decide to hack your Chrome-equipped notebook and install another operating system, switching to developer's mode is the way to do it. First off, before you make the switch, Google recommends turning off the system. It also warns you that switching to this mode exposes the system to malware and virus attacks, since what you're doing is turning off verified boot (the ROM chip) on the motherboard. The rest is pretty simple: Look for the piece of black tape underneath the battery, next to the power connector, and remove it to reveal a white switch. Flip the switch the other way, and voila, you're in developer's mode. Then start up the notebook. Boot up to a USB thumbdrive; we tried plugging in this USB drive, but nothing happened. At any point, if you f, you're presented with two options: You can hit the space bar and proceed to recovery mode. This will allow you to restore the notebook back to its original condition, provided you download the recovery software. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can flip the switch back and resume where you left off in Chrome OS. If you let the system sit in the "sad face" mode for too long, the system will automatically erase and repartition your drive. It takes about five to 10 minutes to prep for this mode, and during this time, the system repartitions the solid state drive by deleting the current one, or what the console refers to as "erasing the stateful partition." I presume that the partition it's creating is the one where Windows or any other operating system will reside, but that's all I can gather at this point. The thing is, the USB port isn't recognizing any of my peripherals or a network, so how one would install Windows on this laptop is unclear and most likely a work in progress. One thing's for sure, though: the mere existence of a developer's switch means that Google isn't averse to outside development of programs for Chrome-equipped systems, say, one that can dual-boot Windows and Chrome OS. Check out our slideshow for a look at how we tried to install Windows in the Google notebook. For more, see PCMag's hands on with the Cr-48 notebook and the software team's analysis of Chrome OS on the Cr-48, as well as PCMag's look at the 10 best Google Chrome OS extensions. Copyright © 2010 Ziff Davis Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2374193,00.asp
  15. Did you buy this notebook and if so did it work?