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  1. OS X Starts but "Still waiting for root device"

    Thanks for your reply! Installing the .kext didn't solve my problem. I've rechecked the command lines booting in verbose but I don't see anything unusually faulty. I think I will try to install IPC 10.5.6 instead as I understand that it's very difficult to pinpoint this problem. Well, the computer starts it just takes a while for the boot to get past "waiting for root device". I've been reading that people have got they're OS X installs to boot as fast as a real mac. Tips are always appreciated
  2. Hi! I just made a clean install of Ideneb and updated it to 10.5.8 on my laptop. I've always have had trouble with slow boots on OS X but this is the first time i get a "still waiting for root device" error. What's weird is that it sits for a while on the grey apple screen with a circle that has a line through it but after awhile it jumps into the OS and starts. I've tried to change SATA to AHCI MODE, disabled USB Legacy. I've always have suffered from slow boot (1 min) but now when I have the still waiting for root device it's even slower. I've booted with -v but I don't really know what to look at in the diagnostic messages. My graphic card is working and have QE/CI and so on so the graphics card is not faulty. edit: I noticed that my harddisk is not showing up under "System preferences/Startup disk". Might it be so that the computer is looking for a networkstart and when it can't find it it finally starts with the HD? How can I manually add my harddisk to startup disks? The harddisk is formated as Journaled
  3. Buffali wli-uc-gn, no device!

    Hi! So I bought the small usb dongle from Buffalo the; WLI-UC-GN which worked great with RT2870 drivers from Ralink on my 10.5.8 system... well it worked great until after a week of daily use of the dongle when the Ralink utility I use to connect to ethernet suddenly stopped recognize it. The dongle is not broke. It is being recognized by the system profiler with the correct id and I have tried it in windows. I have also tried to test with earlier versions of the Ralink Utility and the rt2870.kext but it still doesn't work. I even did a fresh install of 10.5.5 and tried the dongle from 10.5.5 to 10.5.8 but it still won't being recognized by the wireless utility. The blue light that tells that the dongle is on works. The system profiler recognizes it. Any solutions? Thanks!
  4. Slow shutdown in 10.5.7

  5. Slow shutdown in 10.5.7

  6. Slow shutdown in 10.5.7

    Hi! I was just curious about if someone have stumbled upon the same thing that I have. I have been running ideneb 10.5.5 for a while now but got courage enough to try to update to 10.5.7 yesterday and 'bam' it worked right out of the box, just had to reinstall audio drivers! What I noticed after the update is that the shutdown is slow, its not a big issue but in 10.5.5 when i hit the shutdown button, the computer shutdown in about 10 sec. Now its maybe 20-35 sec or something like that. I've been looking around in a lot of hackintosh communities but have not found anything that has to do with my question. Is there any way to manually speed up the shutdown sequence? In windows xp you could do it with modding regedit, would be nice if there was something similar for mac os x. Thanks for a great forum!
  7. 8600M GT VGA Out! (SOLVED)

    Solved this issue today using Nicholaslee's solution. Changed NVCAP on NVKUSH.kext in Info.plist to: 04010101 0E000100 0E000000 0000010B 00000000 Don't forget to repair permissions before you reboot! Cheers! 
  8. 8600M GT VGA Out! (SOLVED)

    Hi! I'm on a hackintosh laptop with iDeneb 10.5.5 and I'm running it with a Nvidia 8600M GT 256mb card. It works but not on VGA Out (I only have VGA out, no DVI!). When I connect another monitor to the laptop, both the laptop and the monitor's screens turns black. The only way to get myself out of this state is to hit the power off button on my computer. I have tried to change the NVCAP number on the nvkush.kext I am using from the orignal number to "04000000 00000100 02000000 00000007 00000000" which I read would be a solution to this issue in a thread but it didn't change or affected anything in my case. My System Profiler says this under the graphic section: Hardware Overview: Model Name: Mac Model Identifier: MacPro3,1 Processor Name: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T8300 @ Processor Speed: 2.39 GHz Total Number Of Cores: 1 L2 Cache: 3 MB CPU Features: FPU VME DE PSE TSC MSR PAE MCE CX8 APIC SEP MTRR PGE MCA CMOV PAT PSE36 CLFSH DS ACPI MMX FXSR SSE SSE2 SS HTT TM SSE3 MON DSCPL VMX EST TM2 SSSE3 CX16 TPR PDCM SSE4.1 Memory: 4 GB Bus Speed: 100 MHz Boot ROM Version: BOOT.88Z.EFI.V80.061193037 (Phoenix Technologies LTD) Serial Number: CK157KMHK5B So the laptop is running under the right settings with hardware support and alld ( I can play games like Age of Empire 3 without any problem or stuttering at all) but the VGA doesn't work. I have searched around the forum for some days but haven't found any thread with another solution but the one that I already tried. I hope you guys can help me PS. NVKUSH seems to be the only kext that will work on OS X Help would be appreciated