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  1. Asus P5N7A-VM

    For testing I first did an update directly from App Store (and it worked) but since I also wanted to build a fusion drive I went with a clean install afterwards
  2. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Hey guys, I'm still on Mavericks with Clover rev 2236 (or something like that) and I decided to try installing El Capitan. The first task obviously is to update Clover to a newer version. But this is where the pain already starts :-/ I went straight ahead to rev 3346 and all I get is an almost black screen with the exception of a single character _ (underscore) in the upper left corner (even before the clover boot menu comes up). Afterwards, all my Bios settings get corrupted. I tried to activate logging in config.plist but I don't get any log file under EFI/CLOVER/misc. In addition I tested a bunch of other revisions with the same behavior. The newest version I could get to work, however, is revision 3185. This would at least give me support for Yosemite but still I'm far away from El Capitan. I already studied the changelog but I could not find an obvious reason for this behavior. Do you have any idea how to get newer versions to work? The install options I used for clover: Legacy boot with MBR (boot0ss) BiosBlockIO for SATA drives Update Feb 08 I got it working! My system now runs El Cap 10.11.3 with the "franken" method for Clover. I simply used the installer from latest working Clover (3185) and afterwards copied over the EFI Folder from rev 3346. This and some fine tuning on the config.plist (added the number of memory slots and modules inserted in SMBIOS section -> otherwise kernel panic!) allowed me to boot El Capitan. I'm pretty happy now and so far everything seems to work (although I haven't had much time for extensive testing). Oh and just bought a super cheap ssd (from sands, only 64GB) and built a FusionDrive. Definitely a nice upgrade for this old system :-)
  3. Asus P5N7A-VM

    It should work with lion but I can't speak for your dedicated graphics card (I'm using integrated graphics). I think it's best to start with Snow Leopard and patch it to 10.6.8. Afterwards you can buy a copy of Lion via App Store and follow these instructions http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2011/07/xmo...x-107-lion.html. Hope this helps..
  4. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Hi, I ran into the same problems with 10.7.2. I finally took dsdt from bios hack and applied injection fix to solve the problem (suggested in this thread click). Attached my dsdt.. DSDT.aml.zip
  5. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Hey, I've recently bought an Apple Wireless Keyboard and I've problems to get it work after starting up osx. I use this mobo + Targus ACB10US bluetoothdongle and Legacy USB Support Disabled + Bios-Mod. I've described the problem in this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=235470 Maybe somebody has a clue what is causing this? Thanks
  6. Hi, I've problems with my new Apple Wireless Keyboard which always needs a reconnect in order to make it work after starting osx. The bluetooth icon indicates that the keyboard is already connected but I have to disconnect and reconnect it manually. The strange thing is that wake from sleep works independently from a manual reconnect. The bluetooth dongle I use is a Targus ACB10US which is known as working (confirmed in magic mouse thread). So what's the problem??? Thanks
  7. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Hey, I have successfully updated to 10.6.3. I’m using dgsga's moded rom (V4). The only thing I had to do was to backup Applehda.kext in /System/Library/Extensions before I started the update. If you don’t do a backup and reinstall the old Applehda it will break your audio. Alternatively you can go over to this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=161430 and look for a new Applehda for /Extra/Extensions. But until now I haven't checked..
  8. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Thanks, it works! I've also noticed that the water-motion-effect in dashboard is now much smoother..
  9. Asus P5N7A-VM

    So you have a P5Q Pro motherboard. So far as I know it uses the same chipset (ALC 12000). You could grab dsgsa's LegacyAppleHDA.kext and try to extract audio relevant parts of his dsdt and apply it to yours.
  10. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Hey dgsga, I've tried DVI-I / DVI-I - BAAAAAAAAwAMAAAAAAAABwAAAAA= and resolution change works for me now. (Created a dsdt.dsl using dsdt_patcher, edited and recompiled it) But I have to admit though that I'm unable to patch the dsdt in the bios. When I'm using dsdt bios patcher it creates a patched bios file which is invalid according to the asus flash-tool. So can you please create another version of your latest bios with NVCAP BAAAAAAAAwAMAAAAAAAABwAAAAA= ???
  11. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Is there a way to make OS X think that DVI is the primary port? Reason for this: I was playing around why I do get a bluescreen when I’m changing resolution on my TFT (HP2309m connected via DVI). So for testing purposes I additionally connected my old CRT via VGA. OSX automatically detects CRT as the primary monitor and extends the desktop to TFT. When I’m now changing the resolution, it only works on the CRT while my tft shows a bluescreen. But If I adjust my TFT as the main screen in system preferences, resolution change works on TFT and CRT shows up a bluescreen instead. The problem is that after I disconnect the crt I do get my old problem back. So is there a way to change the "main port"? Thx
  12. Asus P5N7A-VM

    ..connected my monitor via VGA and now I've neither problems changing the resolution nor experienced the problem with games. It's really confusing Did you try single monitor via DVI?
  13. Asus P5N7A-VM

    I've tried Bioshock and Flatout 2 (demos). As long as i run these games in 1920*1080 they work properly. But if I set lower resolution, they turn into black screen.
  14. Asus P5N7A-VM

    I am using dgsga's mod bios and nearly everything seems to work perfectly for me. Thanks to all of you who made this possible. However..I have issues changing the resolution. Everytime I change resolution in system preferences a blue screen appears. Also games started with a resolution different from the resolution set in system preferences (1920*1080) turn into a black screen. My monitor (HP 2309m) is connected via DVI. Is the NVCAP wrong for me? Any hints? Thanks
  15. Asus P5N7A-VM

    So you haven't had any kernel panics with your modified AppleHDA so far?