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  1. 10.6.3 Released !

    edited smcputype in smbios.plist )) Core i5 ) 123.tiff
  2. 10.6.3 Released !

    Hi everyone! I updated my snow to 10.6.3 Gigabyte p55-us3l (f5 bios), 9600GT, i5-750, dlink dfe-520. Extra: nvenabler64, fakesmc, jmicronata, HDAenabler, realtek1000sl,viarhine. AsereBLN 1.1.9 Sleep, restart - works. Sound too - after putting back applehda to s/l/e. After update, (sata) disk icons became orange, IDE shows as internal. Don't know why - i'm using edited by myself (maybe it's the problem ) dsdt. What can i do with it? i5 recognized as Quad-Core Intel Xeon. I thought it will be i5. ( i guess i should change cputype in smbios.plist Sound: Sound works + works internal spdif )))) Sound via hdmi )) nice bonus)) HDMI sound didn' work with 10.6.2 )) Does anyone know how to get work dlink dfe-520 (Ethernet) in 64bit mode? i works ONLY in 32 mode. It's the only thing that doesn't support 64 ((((( i'm using viarhine.kext from kexts.com. "About" shows 32bit only. I need 64bit kext..... sry 4 english Yes, me They work normal, but sometimes keyboard drop dead )) I need to reconnect it. I had this issue in 10.6.2.... Here, this happening after "sleep". Mouse is fine... Mouse is logitech and keyboard is mediateck...........
  3. Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Hi! Please someone help me with lan! Notebook Toshiba m100-179. Sound: Alc861 (works) Video: X1400 (works without drivers) Wlan: intel 3945 (doesn't work. As i know it haven't normal drivers yet) Lan: Intel Pro 10/100 vm (not ve). Device ID: 1093 8086 I tried to install: Jas 10.4.8 (installation doesn't start) Kalyway 10.5.2 ( Sound and Lan doesn't work) Universal OsX86 (it writes INSTAhackintosh during install. Same problem with sound and Lan) iPc 10.5.6 - sound works, but lan no. Once, after one more reinstalling (i checked Intel 3945 and IOfamily.....) There were ethernet in "network"! As i understand it was Wlan, but not Lan) Lan doesn't show in "network". I tried to check "Intel pro 100 ve" during installation - doesn't help. Modify info.plist with device id - doesn't help. Tried tostep's archive with info.plist - doesn't help I've downloaded many IONetworkinfamily.kext and intel8255.. - nothing helped. I can't even see ethernet in network after any of this actions!!!! Only firewire What more can i try? Is it really work on OsX?! Now i'm downloading iDeneb 1.4 10.5.6 - is there any way to solve this problem there? Maybe, i do something wrong.. Someone, please explain me how to make it work step by step!! ( i'm a little newbie in it ) Sorry 4 my english!