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  1. Does anyone know where to find that IOSMBusController.h ? I'm willing to have another go at hacking something for my HP nc6000 because it appears only something trivial is going wrong: a) battery is only recognized after re-inserting it charge is 99% until the last few minutes, then it suddenly drops very quickly, from looking at the charge reported it appears that the battery just uses a different scale to report it's charge (sorry, don't know the details right now - last time I looked at it was months ago)
  2. I have an HP NC6000 (Pentium M version). QE/CI work out of the box, with a bit of tearing. Powermanagement works almost with the hacked power management bundle, with some 1.4.7 kexts it even shows state directly after boot (ac/batt), but only updates correctly after re-inserting the battery. Turning off display needs Radeontool. DSS works with the ACPICPUThrottle package. PCMCIA slot isn't recognized and built-in ethernet works only with the hacked BCM driver. Everything else (sound/bluetooth/wifi/usb/whatever) just works as expected. Battery life is poor tough, about 1 hour vs. 4 hours in windoze.
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    100 % portable compatible

    I've got everything working on my HP NC6000 (Pentium M version) except for the PCMCIA slots. Still, I'd rather (and probably will) buy a Macbook.
  4. JaS' 10.4.7 update works fine on my HP NC6000 (Pentium M, Radeon Mobility 9600). Just copying the kexts with Pacifist *DOES NOT* work well on my setup. If I copy the Radeon9700 kext, the login screen doesn't appear, if I use the old ones I get the blue screen, but still no login window. Also, the IOPlatformPluginFamily kext bombs out with a linker error, but replacing that with the old one didn't help with the blue screen. Didn't have time to look any further, just wanted to warn the inexperienced guys out here to be careful!
  5. Are you sure you don't have a duplex mismatch somewhere? Sure sounds like it.. Do a netstat -i on the mac to check for interface errors or colissions. And I guess you can use TCPDUMP on OSX to dump packets.
  6. I'm contemplating to have a go at the nc6000 issue myself, as it appears to be something trivial and I have a bit of experience in fixing trivial Linux/BSD stuff, but as I'm a total n00b when it comes to OSX development what would I need in terms of headers/sources to recompile the pmconfigd? TIA, Rick
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    Help with HP Compaq NC6000

    Had the same problem... You can get it to work from the commandline by playing around with the 'airport' commandline program buried somewhere deep in the system (airport -a or sth). But to have it show up in the GUI you'll need to do to do the en0 -> en1 trick in one of the plists, do a search. AFter that, open the network preferences and it should say something about 'new airport card detected'.
  8. Same here on nc6000, indicator works after replugging the battery. Sleep does not work either btw. I might have a go at it myself, but I have lots of other things to tinker with first... In any case, thanks for the work so far!