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    ssds reacted to vector sigma in Clover Themes   
    So we ensured the problem is the theme and not Clover. Was optimized by the new Clover.app which is not yet ready as I have to solve timeout issues.... coming soon. 
    just for info the new Manager, when optimizing a theme, will convert all non png images to png, all images to png8 ... and will also resize each images to a fixed size by taking into account the various sizes for different images (func_*, vol_* etc.).
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    ssds reacted to vector sigma in Clover Themes   
    Can you please try the attached one?
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    ssds got a reaction from rednous in AppleIntelE1000e.kext for 10.8/10.7/10.6/10.5   
    VER 3.1.0 stopped work after huge transfere data from network (doing fist time machine backup)
    After transfere 200 of 600GB the driver stopped work. Only restart fixed.
    Back to 2.4.14 - by far the most stable driver for my intel network until now, could transfer the remaining 400 gb to time capsule without any driver crash
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    ssds reacted to AsusFreak in Easy Yosemite 10.10 Final USB Installer - *Updated 10.16.2014   
    Yosemite Final - Clover USB Installer.  *UEFI
    Format a 8GB+ USB with GUID partition mapping and name it Install.
    Insure the OS X Yosemite.app is in your Application folder.
    In terminal run the following script.
    sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/Install --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app --nointeraction This will take several minutes so be patient, the script will notify you when complete.
    Now Install Clover r2696 (or newer) to the Install USB. Clover r2953 or newer Recommended!
    Copy FakeSMC (without plugins) to /EFI/Clover/kexts/10.10  (you may need create the 10.10 folder}
    Boot USB to Clover, highlight "Install OS X Yosemite", hit spacebar and choose "without caches" and install Yosemite.
    Re-boot to USB and select your SSD or HD to complete the installation.
    Install Clover to your boot drive. install your kexts to S/L/E or use Clover to inject kexts from EFI/Clover/kexts/10.10
    Please post Clover questions here.
    Clover: Thanks Slice and the dev team. Clover
    Thanks "toleda" for DP and PB scripts.
    EDIT: For anyone having a problem with this process:
    You might try using the HFSPlus-64.efi (Google it) rather than VBoxHfs-64. Also be certain you're booting from a USB 2.0 port.

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    ssds got a reaction from avian in AppleIntelE1000e.kext for 10.8/10.7/10.6/10.5   
    After 10.8.5 and Mavericks i had to quit from this kext.
    None of my boards with intel lan, are stable with this kext(10.8.5 or 10.9), lan stop work after heavy lan traffic, the copied file hangs and finder need hard restart.
    I have 1 boards with intel lan, GA-Z87X-UD3H and 2 intel PCI cards, Intel EXPI9301CTBLK (2 versions).
    In one of the boards just need to change to on board lan - realtek , and on EXPI9301CTBLK had to use the method of editing IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/Intel82574L.kext to put vendor and device ID 0x10D38086.
    Going to wait for future releases, right now is very unstable .
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    ssds got a reaction from Gokul in Success - Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H Mavericks DP2 Haswell Hackintosh   
    ok here