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  1. Sandokan7100

    High Sierra Suplemental Update

    Yes this is another known problem that I reported in Clover General Discussion days ago. If you have APFS boot disk, you can't install Clover in the same APFS partition. You need to install Clover in a separate EFI partition (FAT32). However this is not a problem if your disk has as GUID partition scheme, as you already have an EFI partition (size 209.7 MB) basically empty, use this.
  2. Sandokan7100

    High Sierra Suplemental Update

    I had the same issue. The problem is that High Sierra Supplemental Update (October 5) after the first reboot, cannot load kexts from Clover/kexts/10.13 So I have resolved as follows: - reset - boot in OS partition (still preserved) - copy all my kexts from CLOVER/kexts/10.13 to CLOVER/kexts/Others - Re-launch the High Sierra Supplemental Update from the beginning! Cheers.
  3. Sandokan7100

    Clover General discussion

    I confirm this works. However, the installer does not prevents you to install Clover in the root partition (APFS), this is a bug...
  4. Sandokan7100

    Very slow website.

    Same here, very annoying
  5. Sandokan7100

    Clover General discussion

    Do you know of any limitation of Clover installer for APFS volumes? Looks like the installer is not able to write the boot files to the volume, so the installation fails. Here are the steps I followed to upgrade to High Sierra (final) just yesterday: 1) Start with Sierra 10.12 installed in SSD formatted as HFS+ (Clover 4200) 2) Copy apfs.efi in both drivers64 and drivers64UEFI directories 3) Start the Upgrade to High Sierra as usual 4) The system is rebooted a couple of times during the upgrade and the HFS+ partition is automatically converted to APFS 5) At the final reboot: "error: boot0af" Anyway, I am still able to boot High Sierra by using an usb key with Clover 4200 installed! In conclusion... it seems that after the HFS+ volume is converted to APFS, Clover has to be reinstalled. Unfortunately, this is not possible as Clover installer always fails to write the boot files to /usr/standalone... (and yes, SIP is disabled) Same happens with Clover 4220.. Am I the only person with this problem? Is there a way to manually install the Clover files? I will post the error later today when I am back at home. Thanks. ------------ EDIT: This is SOLVED by installing Clover in EFI partition (FAT32) as suggested by Slice. In any case, this problem only happens with APFS. This is a bug, or maybe the installer should prevent me to install Clover in the root partition (APFS) as I always did until Sierra.
  6. Same issue with clover rev 4035. To make things clear... SOLUTION: Update to Clover rev 4061, reboot and you will get Spotlight working again!
  7. Sandokan7100

    macOS 10.12.2 avalaible to download

    After the update, I found trim disabled on my SSD. So I had to run trimforce enable again... Does it happen for you too?
  8. Sandokan7100

    Upgrade a Sierra Ko !

    E' normale, nel primo minuto e mezzo prepara l'aggiornamento (non lo completa!), poi fa il primo reboot... a questo punto TU devi fare in modo che Clover si avvii dalla partizione giusta, ossia quella temporanea che l'installer aveva preparato nel primo minuto e mezzo. Tu invece, hai lasciato che Clover partisse dalla partizione di default, dove c'era ancora El Capitan. Detto ciò, posso dare qualche semplice consiglio prima di fare un upgrade: 1) Usare sempre Clover come bootloader, non usare Chameleon o altri simili; 2) Settare Clover in modo tale che ti dia almeno 5 secondi per scegliere da quale partizione avviare al boot (cioè timeout = 5 o superiore); 3) Settare Clover senza fastboot, altrimenti non ti fa scegliere da quale partizione avviare e parte da quella di default; 4) Prima di lanciare upgrade, accertati di aver già creato la cartella /EFI/Clover/kexts/10.12 con dentro esattamente gli stessi kext che ti permettono di fare il boot di El Capitan con successo (nel mio caso, mi basta il FakeSMC.kext) In definitiva, se parti da un Hackintosh perfettamente funzionante su El Capitan, ed usi le accortezze qui sopra, non dovresti aver problemi con l'upgrade. EDIT: Dimenticavo, ho usato CLOVER build 3751
  9. Sandokan7100

    shutdown troubles - reboots instead

    Yes I know the solution (2) has been mentioned in this thread, I wrote it already, see my previous post. Anyway, I really hope your solution is the final one, as it has been posted just 5 days ago...
  10. Sandokan7100

    shutdown troubles - reboots instead

    I also have this problem with shutdown not working (it reboots instead!) with Yosemite final and latest Clover build. So far I found two alternate solutions: 1) Disconnect the LAN cable before shutting down (yes I already had Wake on LAN disabled in BIOS and System Preferences...) or 2) Enable Inject Nvidia as reported in this thread (+ set NVRAM=1024 for my Palit Geforce GTX 650 Ti). The second solution looks much better, let's see if it works for more than 1 week
  11. Sandokan7100

    Installing Yosemite

    Thanks HBP, so I will investigate more on this ozmosis bootloader... I never used that before, only chameleon so far..
  12. Sandokan7100

    Installing Yosemite

    Anyone has tried to upgrade to Yosemite from a fully working Mavericks system, without using the AppStore? In other words, is it possible to install OSX 10.10 on top of 10.9 by launching a previously downloaded installer or image? Thx.
  13. Sandokan7100

    Mavericks 10.9.2 released

    If you need it, I've just patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement for 10.9.2, see attachment. AICPM-10.9.2.tar.gz
  14. Sandokan7100

    Problema spegnimento

    You are the man! Non sapevo ci fosse un nuovo driver, ero ancora al Grazie risolto S.
  15. Sandokan7100

    Problema spegnimento

    Si, infatti ho appena scoperto che staccandolo prima, lo shutdown ed il reboot funzionano!! E' un adattatore con chipset Ralink RT2870. Ho provato a cambiare porta usb ma nulla da fare. Il problema però avviene solo sul nuovo 10.9 appena installato, lo stesso computer lo faccio partire con Lion 10.7.5 e lo shutdown va a meraviglia.. (sebbene un po' lento) Ci sono soluzioni? S.