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  1. That looks like you did not select any chipset driver or got the wgong one.
  2. Getting 10.5.6 to work

    Did you install your chipset driver?
  3. iPC 10.5.6 installation problem

    Yes it could be a problem. Burning @x2 is the best way. If not possible then x4. And also try with an other dvd media. I was getting read error with verbatim dvd-r and it worked using a sony dvd-r.
  4. "Still Waiting For Root Device" Help

    Is the error coming: 1) when trying to install or 2) after a successful installation when the system restarts. For 1 make sure to set AHCI mode for your sata in bios. You dvd was burned at x2 or at least x4. Your Sata HDD is on the first sata on mo/bo. For 2 make sure you have selected to install the right chipset driver.
  5. You need to select a chipset driver. Cofirm the one your mo/bo uses and select it.
  6. Are you using the original boot 132 iso or did you create a custom for your mo/bo's devices? In order to make it work you will need to create your own boot cd. And yes you need only the second option to be AHCI, not the raid.
  7. If you know what a torrent is, you will find the solution
  8. Just keeps restarting

    Always remember that when installing it has to be on a fresh partition. Now since your system is an AMD then you will need to install voodoo kernel and the seatbelt fix. Also remember to select the right chipset driver.
  9. Did you select the right chipset driver in customize?
  10. Go in bios and select AHCI mode for your sata.
  11. iPC 10.5.6 installation problem

    Try this Platform=X86PC at boot.
  12. OK I found 2 points. 1. In partitioning options select GUID 2. You will have to re-partition the disk using a new name (like MacOSX) because using the same name for some times causing the disk to appear like an empty page (3:34 of your video) under "Select a Destination". If you give an other name you will see that it will show your destination with a real disk image.
  13. Burn your dvd @ x2 if possible. If not x4. Use Voodoo, your chipset and the seatbelt fix for a start. Then go ahead for the other devices.
  14. iPC 10.5.6 installation problem

    So boot from your dvd with -v and report here.
  15. help installing leopard

    On the top of this forum there are sticky topics with guide for a retail installation.