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  1. What dsdt edit did you do to get the battery working? Also I have the same BT, so which kext did you use there? (my bt 'works' but never pairs). I'm running 10.11, btw. For your speedstep issue, I think you need to edit AGPM to enable the power states. I'm also running a modified BIOS so I'm not sure, maybe I also changed settings there to get it. Pretty much mine is working sans the trackpad (never use it) and battery,
  2. tical2k

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    The config.plist has syntax errors apparenly according to plistedit pro Line 49 </true> needs to be <true/>
  3. tical2k

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Having same problem.
  4. Have you ever heard of starting a new thread? Novel idea I know. Hope this helps!
  5. You're right. I am confused. I thought this topic was "Installing Mountain Lion on Asus G75VW" I apologize.
  6. Three things... 1. Yes os x has been installed on this laptop. Been running it since Feb. HMDI works fine for graphics. I think a dsdt edit for sound. 2. HD4000 is DISABLED for this machine. Can you please enlighten me as to how you enabled it? I think the ASUS engineers might be interested in this as well. 3. I posted a very simply edited DSDT on page 2.
  7. You don't happen to have the DSDT you used do you?
  8. Oh sorry that was directed at Jingu. I was reading this thread because I believe I have a similar problem that he had relating to the DSDT. Thanks for the input though, I'll try that kext. I was using RehabMan's branch.
  9. Did you ever get anywhere with this without rolling back the ACPIPlatform.kext? I think I have a similar, if not exact problem.
  10. Back when I still had my dv8 (Let the magic smoke out of the cpu. Don't upgrade the cpu haha), I always had to roll back to the dp2 graphics files. There were only 2 I replaced, but it always worked, I think they changed how power management worked on the graphics in 10.8.3. Not sure, though. Also perhaps try the drivers straight from nvidia and see if those work.
  11. Oh you know it! The voodoohda is horrible in sound quality. I'll play around with it tonight. Hmm judging by his codec entry in the dsdt segment he posted might be different. Appears he has a Conexant Whereas we have a VIA codec. We'll see, but don't get your hopes up. Edit: Yeah I played around with it last night. We have a different codec ID. I'm not done messing with it, but I haven't been too great at patching AppleHDA in the past. We'll see though.
  12. I wonder if he has the NV100Enabler.kext that comes with iAtkos installed. From what I remember, it seems to install that auto-magically Regardless of if he does or not, for the sake of you guys with the 660m perhaps see if its a device id issue? You say its the save device, though. Same dev id etc?
  13. Nope. As I hate the backlight in general, I don't care to have it patched or working. As for the applehda, I don't have windows functional so I can't get the pin overrides. Also, has anyone gotten a vt1802 to work in osx? I know voodoohda works, but it gives garbage sound. the vt2021 can work in osx, but if you look at the specs its WAY better than our vt1802 and a different beast all together.
  14. tical2k

    Clover General discussion

    I cannot boot legacy, I'm doing UEFI. The exact problem is this: I can boot fine with my BIOS set to CSM on. The clover gui is only 800x600. I cannot boot with the CSM set to off. But I get clover gui of 1920x1080. I guess I'm not completely understanding of the UEFI boot spec as of now. Another poster said I need to modify my DSDT. I'll assume that route is the way to go and turn off GraphicInjector. I really like this bootloader, though. Very quick. I just have minor issues :wink2: that need some work on my part.
  15. tical2k

    Clover General discussion

    Ok... A little more info on my graphics injection problem on an ASUS g75vw. With CSM enabled I get: ... 0:236 0:005 Video driver loaded: disconnect Success 0:303 0:067 VideoBiosPatchNativeFromEdid: 0:305 0:001 Bios: nVidia, nv_data_table_offset: 0x267, nv_data_table: 0xC0269, std_vesa: 0xC41ED, nv_mode_table: 0xC41F2, mode_table_size: 0x10 0:317 0:012 VideoBiosPatchInit(LegacyRegion = Success) = Success 0:323 0:005 VideoBiosUnlock: unlocked 0:328 0:004 Patching: BT_NVDA 0:331 0:003 Parse Edid: descriptor block 0 is timing descriptor (h_active: 1920, v_active: 1080, h_sync_offset: 52, h_sync_width: 35, h_blanking: 174, v_blanking: 38, pixel_clock: 46352, v_sync_offset: 3, v_sync_width: 6) 0:340 0:009 patch 0: patched 1 time(s) 0:343 0:002 patch 1: patched 1 time(s) 0:345 0:002 patch 2: patched 1 time(s) 0:348 0:002 patch 3: patched 1 time(s) 0:350 0:001 VideoBiosLock: Success 2:246 1:896 LoadDrivers() end ... When I disable CSM I get: ... 0:231 0:003 Video driver loaded: disconnect Success 0:244 0:012 VideoBiosPatchNativeFromEdid: 0:246 0:001 Bios: VideoBiosPatchInit(LegacyRegion = Success) = Success 0:260 0:014 VideoBiosUnlock: unlocked 0:265 0:005 Patching: unknown - not patching 0:268 0:003 VideoBiosLock: Success 3:042 2:773 LoadDrivers() end ... Also, I know its not a DarwinDump but heres the .efi files I have: error:~ jsteelm$ ls /Volumes/EFI/EFI/drivers64UEFI/ FSInject-64.efi HFSPlus.efi NTFS.efi OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi OsxFatBinaryDrv-64.efi PartitionDxe-64.efi error:~ jsteelm$ ls /Volumes/EFI/EFI/drivers64/ FSInject-64.efi Ps2MouseDxe-64.efi UsbMouseDxe-64.efi VBoxExt2-64.efi VBoxExt4-64.efi XhciDxe-64.efi I attached both logs as well. preboot.csm.log and preboot.nocsm.log. I've tried several things, but I'm stumped. Edit: Attached Darwin Dump preboot.csm.log.zip preboot.nocsm.log.zip DarwinDumper_2.6.4_AMI_X64_1118_ML_root.zip